Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the story R told H

A little backgound: as part of R's night night routeen she gets one book and one Priness R story. In the story we retell the day she had with Princess R as the heroine and sometimes if it's a dull day we exagerate events to make there be a problem Princess R has to solve. Sometime we talk about better choices Princess R could have made. It's a sweet little routeen and something special both A and I do. (Well he works nights now but when he's home he'll ask if he can do it.)

So today I asked R to keep an eye on H so I could start a load of laundry (so could hear but still). I told R she should read H a story, she'd love that! Instead R made up a Princess H story:

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess, H. She was in a tall tall tall tower. There was a dragon who go "rawerrr."

The knight came "dun dun dundun!" and cut cut cut the dragon. Princess H be so happy.

Then a scary monster came too, and the knight was lost! Princess H got wings and went flap flap flap all the way to the knight.

They went home and had ice cream and hot dogs.


a good yarn said...

Fantastic! I love it! Ann :-)

Marsha said...

That is a great story and a wonderful routine for bedtime. Shows it really works well when big sister starts using it with little sister! ! !

Beth said...

How cute. What a good big sister.

---"Love" said...

Cute Story! ---"Love"

Stash Heaven said...

Isn't it wonderful when they begin to create stories of their own? And she's obviously going to be a good big sister too! Mary