Saturday, June 19, 2010

junes fnsi

Remind me to get a sitter for at least a few hours on Fridays during Friday Night Sew in! I didn't get any actual SEWING in, but I did work on my counted cross stitch while H ate grass (yes I kept taking it out of her mouth but did I take her out of the lawn? no!) and R ran around with her soccer ball, and I tried to not interfere when she got stuck...ok it was the ball that was technically stuck, but silly little girl couldn't move without her ball, so she was "stuck" too! I can't find the charger to the camera or I would have done before FNSI/after FNSI pics. I have the second bear on my birth announcement for R! cross stitch almost done. I think I have the dress and the flowers totally done, so just the bear's head and hand and hat!

R and I also worked on A's Fathers Day present. We are taking some Simpson's Fleece fabric that he bought himself ages ago and some blue I had on had and doing that tie/knot double fleece blanket thing. I am thinking about doing some quiting of the two layers, maybe in 10" intervals...debating between using the machine and making squares or finding some matching floss and tieing the layers together. We washed the fabrics last night and cleaned up the living room (which has to be done again and vacuumed AGAIN before we lay the fabrics out tonight!

Just over one week until I see my family!! And the Pacific Northwest Historics! WAHOO!!!


a good yarn said...

It was certainly an event filled evening! There's never a dull moment, eh? Cheers, Ann :-)

Stash Heaven said...

I think the cross stitch should be counted in the sewing column... The work never seems to get done when the children are little--you just start over again!

Great idea to start them when they're little to help with daddy's gift!

Did the table & chairs come yet? Mary

Beth said...

Cross stitch definitely counts as sewing I think. I can just picture R and her stuck soccer ball. Hope Daddy likes his fleece.

seventhsister26 said...

Anything crafty counts as "sewing time". Glad your kids are such a good source of entertainment...and that's what it really is if you look at it right;)
Happy Quilting!!