Friday, June 04, 2010

no sewing=crabby lisa!

I have not sewn in over a week! Holy smokes no wonder I have been crabby!!

Have I told you I hired someone to take the girls out on adventures once a week for two hours (plus, if the event entails) so I can have some "me" time. Ahhh. Mind you I LOVE my girls (can you tell?) but I need some down time. The great thing about A and my schedules is one of us is ALWAYS home with the girls, the down side is it's usually just one of us. He gets their quieter times, I get the rambunctious time plus the night time battles. After a month or two of getting more and more irritable because I am never alone, not at work, not at home, heck right now not even in my sleep! (Regina's been having nightmares/night terrors/sleep talking so I moved her into my room on the floor for the time being but she somehow ends up in bed with me most night.)

R LOVES her, she cried the first time our gal left, and H warmed right up to her too, since H is going through stranger anxiety right now I took that as a very good sign. H even let our gal carry her! She was sick this week so I couldn't sew any!

That means that a) I didn't get to last months apq blocks (AUGH I KNOW! NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!!!) b) didn't make this months blocks c) I didn't get to quilting R's Dora quilt for her birthday present from me and d) mom is CRABBBBBYYYY!!!

The good news is I have the next three days off to clean and get the house ready for R's birthday and maybe sew.

So please forgive me Karen and Ruth, and hopefully I will not be late again. I can't guarantee I won't cut it close but hey, I have 2 hours (+) a week to sew now!

oh. p.s. At my lunch at work I've been reading, LOVE the Janet Evanovich series! and I just started The 19th Wife, so far I am interested. I might even read in bed tonight when R is sleeping on my floor/bed. thanks for the comments about the girls and memorial day! I hope we can do it again next year, and I was so proud of R for using her own allowance AND thinking of her sister!


a good yarn said...

Oh Lisa - it's not fair is it? *Me* time is very important but hard to come by when raising a family and working. Please don't stress about the swap blocks. Your sewing time should be an enjoyable process not a chore. Cheers, Ann :-)

Barb said...

I sure hope you get some "Me" deserve it!

Beth said...

here's to me time. Hope you get to sew a bit soon. It is hard to balance kids, work, housework, usually Mom's time gets short changed. Take care of yourself.

---"Love" said...

Good for you! Everyone needs at least a little time to oneself! Also kids need to learn to adjust to other people, because sometimes it is simply necessary to be away from them for a short time. Happy sewing! ---"Love"

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

That is rough! I know it is awful not to have sewing time. Don't worry about the blocks. I won't be picking up my mail until after July 4th anyway! We will get to DS#1's place this afternoon!!

Myra said...

Young mom's need me time! Poor you!
Two hours once a week isn't much either... but at least it is something... 8-(
How old are your darlings? Sometimes daycares have space for 1 day, or half a day a week...

seventhsister26 said...

It's amazing how a little time to ourselves can help out our heads;) I remember when my kids were little....sewing happened, but it happened very interupted;)
Happy Quilting!!