Friday, August 08, 2008

incomplete thoughts

I have not finished this post, but I need to post what I have now before my computer shuts off one more time and I have to search the harddrive for the last opened document since I never save my blog posts except on here:

R and I got home from packing up our campsite at Relay for Life this afternoon. This year was not as much fun as last, but I think I know how to help make next years more fun. A big part of the problem this year is that we were unorganized, unprepared, and unavailable. Most people had to work at least one shift during the event, therefore no one really could stay and play. I had a blast though. My only real complaint is that R would not go night night out there, even though we had her play and pack. Next time I think we will need a tent or mark of part of our tent with tarps (it was a huge overhead tent, no sides, but the poles, it could be divided into 6 “rooms”) so she has a room to herself without distractions around and can settle down.

There is a thunderstorm happening outside right now, rain lightning, the works. I love storms but thank goodness it wasn’t going on yesterday, with the Relay. All those tents, all those people. I wouldn’t mind rain, but thunder and lightning on a foorball field/track with only tents (with poles) to protect us, no thank you!

I will finish this later! enjoy it for now!

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