Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the baby bug

Baby fever is really hitting me right now, everyone around is either trying, or already is pregnant. I have decided, weather A likes it or not, we are going to wait until we know where we are settled for a while, and hopefully after we buy a house. I also want to wait until I have lost some weight and am back to a shape that I am more comfortable in and happier with. No, I am not overweight, but I don’t feel like this body is really mine, I feel heavy, lethargic, and am almost embarrassed to wear my body if that’s possible. Yes, some more financial stability is my goal too, but we have been working on that and I feel like we are getting towards that.

About a week ago, maybe two I went through all of R’s stuff from when she was little. Not for nostalgia or to dream about what it would be like to use those swaddling blankies again, and the breast pump (actually, I will buy a new one, that one is over 10 years old now!) I was doing it to try and better organize the stuff for future reference and to get everything to fit into bins. I was moving all of her clothes into bigger sizes (24 mo/2T) I realized I had bins labeled everything from 0-12 months, 18 months and baby basics, toys and shoes….lets get things divvied up by proper categories here! Now I have bins for baby basics (unused little diapers in Ziploc bags, alcohol wipes, pacifiers we never used, the boppy pillow, swaddling blankets, you know, basics. 0-3 months (with the breast pump in there incase I can reuse parts of it with a new one) 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 12 months, and 18 months.

While going through her things, I realized how much I wish we had been able to put together a nice room for R. I always have felt guilty about that. I tried at the first place we lived in but no one gave us the necessary things. A’s mom bought us a crib, but not one I liked, it would be great if we had a boy but I really wanted a white or dark brown crib regardless of the gender. I never had matching sheets, I never had anything that I liked, When I was pregnant I kept looking for a sweet, cute, soft pink and green nursery set for her. I never found one so I found a pattern to make one I liked. Well never found fabric I loved for it. I made a bumper and bought sheets to go with it, but never made the whole thing. I never decorated her room. Right now she has her name up on the wall in green letters, she has a quilt hanging on another wall, her birthday dressed on a third wall and a big balloon a friend gave her for her first Easter. It’s alright for now, but I want to actually make her room special. My goal when we buy a house is to go and do up her room. I am planning in the next month to start setting aside funds just for her room and whatever’s left over will go into a fund for the next baby, whenever we have it.

Something that seems silly to buy, and I know I shouldn’t and A will be MAD if I do is a crib/nursery set for her…I know she’s outgrown it. But I finally found the one I would have wanted for her, the one I love and the one I would have made her room around. Here’s why I want to go buy it: 1) if we have another girl I want the girls to share a room, even if we have enough to give them each their own. I think it’s important for children to share a room for at least some time in their lives to learn lessons that they can only learn on their own with each other. If that’s the case I will just use the same color scheme and keep everything pink and green. 2) if we don’t have another girl I still will hang onto all these things not because I am so sentimental but because I had little to start out with, my parents had little when they had me, and I know if she, or any of our children, continue in our footsteps they will not have a lot and it would be nice to pass down things or keep them for when the grandkids come to visit.

There’s a whole collection at Target that I want for a little boy. I am sure they will change befor ewe have another boy, but if I were to find out next month that we were having one, I Would register for this collection. You can find it at my second choice would be something sports related, though I haven’t seen anything that calls my name yet, again I don’t need to look though. I, next time will do the whole room up. Next time we will own our own house and can paint the walls and nail things in. Next time…We will plan more.

The only catch there is I don’t want ot know what we are having. I may ask whomever throws me a shower to know what we are having and not open any gender specific gifts or have the shower post-birth. I may find out if A wants to but we have enough girl stuff for the time being and boy stuff…well I don’t know. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there.

For now I need to start thinking toddler bed stuff! I might ask my parents for Christmas to help us pick out a trundle twin bed for R so we can have a guest bed too or if we buy a house one for the guest room….and convert her crib to a toddler bed. I know she’d like Dora bedding which we can have one set of, but I still want to keep pink and green as her main bedroom theme. That way as she grows up but before she can make real decisions we can easily update her room. Maybe we should do that for a boy, blue and yellow? We have plenty of time!

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