Saturday, August 16, 2008

guilty gifts

I did something stupid yesterday. Well, not entirely, I just feel guilty about it. A and I have been trying to figure out a system for saving up money for things that we really want and finally came up with one that seams to be working so far. We went to Costco to buy him an x-box 360 (we really wanted the wii but can’t find it anywhere and after two weeks of looking, I give up! But he’s wanted the 360 for a while now, so we got that and will wait until Christmas time for the wii, especially since I want the wii fit deal and he wants something else….It can wait.

Well after we got that for him, we went to Wal-Mart, I wanted to see if they had some fabric, I was looking for a particular pattern and yes indeed they did, so I bought it (meaning to buy just a little now and the rest later) $89.77 later…ouch!! I am going to make 6 aprons (one child’s medium for R, two misses med for my brothers girlfriend and I, and three misses larges for my mom, my aunt J and Nana…maybe another child’s medium for A’s niece if I have enough left over) from Simplicity pattern 2824 and then a tree skirt for myself and maybe my brother from Simplicity pattern 4842 If you look on the apron pattern packet you will see the Christmas apron on the bottom left side, that’s the fabric I bought. I was just trying to take a picture of it but my camera is acting funny. I will have to fiddle with it and maybe get A to look at it. It’s all so cute. I bought some extra to use in a quilt for Christmas time and two pillows (which were on a little flyer at Wal-Mart a while ago and where I got the inspiration from)

I know that it’s not a huge expense in the long run as far as Christmas gifts go, take 89/8 projects…well two should be more expensive than the other six…so let me do some algebra here….it’s been a while…Aprons will be about $5.35 each, the tree skirts will be about $17.87 each, pillow cases $3/72 each and the quilt will be about $14.29 so far, but I will need to get some coordinating fabrics to add some interest and tone it down, or highlight, or however you want to explain it, plus backing fabric. And I need a few extras for all the projects, namely thread, cording, fringe like stuff, and several D-rings. Not that bad as far as gifts go though! It’s just a lot at once!

In other news, not much has been going on around here, I just keep playing and having fun with R. She’s been challenging me a lot lately and I am learning a lot about my patience. I used to think I was a very patient person, but I have learned my limit and am working to make it a higher threshold. A and I have been doing really well as a couple lately (which shouldn’t be unusual but sometimes we go through patches.) He has been spending a lot more time with me and that has made a huge difference! R is going through something where she is just clingy as all can be when he is home, it’s beginning to bother him but I think it’s sweet and know it will pass. It has been driving him NUTS though, he can’t do anything without her trying to tag along and asking to be held!

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