Sunday, June 01, 2008

death around

The past few days, there has been some sad news all around. Today’s newspaper reported that two young boys drowned this weekend in a camping/go kart-ing accident, their lives were cut far too short. Yesterdays paper reported a gentleman who was older, but still too young to die drowned in a fishing accident. Today while working, one of my co-workers received a message that a former employees brother drank himself to death last night. I don’t know if he was older or younger than my co-worker, but either way, far too young to go.

While I am not directly affected by any of these deaths it seems that it is lurking around. Perhaps its because my brother is about to venture out on his own without anyone to protect him. Maybe its because I Am a mother and I am worried about my child’s well being, or maybe it’s just that I see how delicate and precious life is. My heart goes out to these families, I hope their pain is eased with time. I wish I had a profound word to share with the world, with these people, with my daughter, instead I stand still.

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