Saturday, June 21, 2008


I took two of my quilts into work today to show a co-worker who I just learned is a quilter. She’s in her 40’s or so…not that that makes a difference, but it makes more sense for her to be a passionate quilter than it does me, a young 20 something, then again I am not normal as A likes to point out. She really liked the one I made R (which I made so many mistakes with) and loved the one I made for R’s playmate E. from her reaction to E’s quilt, I might actually be good at this!

I showed the quilts to a few friends (one person I used to work with, and his sister who is a regular…both in their 60’s). on my way out the door and they encouraged me to enter E’s quilt into the show in town. I think it happens every other year, and I dragged A and R to it last summer, A actually had some fun and even worn a door prize. I need to look into it and ask my friend if I can get it back for the show, but I think I should. Then again I follow the patterns in the magazines, I am not coming up with my own, although I’d like to get to that point.

I also took a moment to show my co-worker my scrapbook about the quilts I have already made, so I am up to 5 finishes, and the 6th top is done. She liked the way I scraped the stuff (I have little mementos, a picture, some scrap fabric, and a story about the quilt as well as the completion date.) She said “before you know it, this book will be full” I hope so!!

She also told me that she has a neighbor who is a professional quilter and has a long arm machine. The neighbor enjoys teaching people how to use the long arm and you can rent out the machine for a while to quilt your tops, which would be great if I ever make the quilt I want to for A as a wedding present (even though it would be more for me because it’s the colors I like, but it’s the thought that counts). This neighbor also designs her own quilt patterns and before shows and for magazines will ask people to “power sew” for her, then I think she said that this woman will quilt or finish them the way she wants, enter them into whatever she’s doing, and when everything’s over, it’s yours! WOW! My co-worker invited me to come over and visit with both her and her neighbor, and even asked me to bring R. WOW!

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