Friday, March 07, 2008

nothign new going on

Well, A and I have set our wedding date. I stared him down and said “A, our wedding date is August 15th 2009.” he said “ok, (long pause) you want at least a year to plan right?” “at least!” “so I have until Aug 16th this year?” “yes” and then that was it. We have talked about it since, and the date will stand unless there is something that comes up (I wouldn’t mind moving it up a week or down, but August sounds nice to me. I don’t want to be a June bride). We have looked at rings, and I think we have picked one out that will work for now, with hopes of upgrading later when we have more money. We are in a debate about colors, I want pink and green, he wants Seahawks colors. My best friend has agreed to be my maid of honor, and R will be our flower girl.
I told my parents, and they didn’t seem thrilled, which disappointed me, but then again A hasn’t formally asked and I do want him to ask my dads permission. A and I are just so backwards. It’s how the two of us are, and I have accepted that, but sometimes the traditionalist in me comes out and I want to do things the old fashioned way. A is the opposite, and that’s part of why I love him.

R has been playing “pretty” and tea party all the time. She’s so funny. Potty training has side railed, but she still enjoys sitting on her potty chair and reading books, but not any action lately. She will be moving to her big girl bed by her birthday. That’s going to be interesting, but I think it will work. A few days ago she fell asleep for nap time under her crib without any prompting. I had asked her if he was ready for a nap “Yesh” “can you go pick out a book to read?” “yesh” and boom she was out! I expect several nights of her not sleeping in her bed but eventually getting it.

I gave up soda for lent. And A asked me how much I had lost since I did that. So I steped on the scale, and was 146 down from 154, SWEET! Just from dropping soda? Now if I can get myself to stop grazing all day on junk food, and maybe eat real balanced meals, hmmm. I also have been trying to go out for a walk when it’s nice enough out, which hasn’t been often this time of year. I did just find out the res a playground a few blocks away from our place up a steep hill that R and I will be able to go to once the snow all melts. No swings, but other things to climb on and a big grassy field to run around on. My goal is to get down to 135. Please offer support and encouragement, and ideas. Hold me to my goals. I tend to kill the loneliness from A being at work all the time with food. NOT healthy, I know!

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ladybug said...

(both for your wedding date AND for getting healthy) :)

Cutting soda out is a great thing to do, (and obviously your body agrees!)
I have a couple friends who like to put money in a jar every time they think about indulging in a snack food (usually the cost of the food) and then they either give the money away to a charity that helps feed people who are starving or they save it up and then reward themselves with something that they either need, or would like as kind of a reward for not snacking...they tell me that it's really working for them!

Personally I have to resort to writing down every little morsel that I stick in my mouth...before I eat something, the act of getting pen to paper and looking at my list of things that I've eaten that day can really help me pause and think if I really need to eat or if I'm just wanting to fill the time.

Tea is also a good thing...when I get a big old craving I'll make myself a cup of tea...between the time that it takes to heat the water, brew the tea and then drink the entire cup I usually have gotten past the craving.

Just a few ideas to play with!

Keep up the good work! and again...I'm so happy for you for your wedding!!!