Friday, March 21, 2008


Last night, R had a play date with E. It was the first time they have seen each other, and the first time since Dance Team ended my senior year that M and I saw each other. It was nice. Boy is she back in shape! We talked about that a little bit, the struggle to get to a shape we want to be in. We also talked about the troubles of not sleeping and well, everything mommy hood has to offer and challenge. It took E a while to warm up to us. That’s ok, it’s just amazing how different little ones deal with new situations. Once we got food in everyone’s tummies we were happy again and the girls played together. Chase, and rough housed, played with toys. R learned a few things about her toys, it’s just amazing to watch her with other little kids because I can show her how to put the rings on the peg until my fingers fall off but she would never do it. Another little girl shows her and boom she’s got it down and likes to do it!

I got my desk yesterday, and A should be putting it together this weekend. I don’t know for sure where it will be going but wherever it goes probably will not be it’s permanent home. I just can’t wait to get going on things. I am not sure how R’s quilt will turn out with the fabric A’s mom and I picked out (she has nbo taste!) but I will give it an honest effort. When I was going through my stash (teheheh!) I found the fabric mom and I bought when we went with her friends from when their kids and I were toddlers (we all grew up together until about 10) went on a Shop Hop back home. The fabrics are sweet enough but not so kiddie that they might work, and I think I have enough because we bought kits to finish the quilts and pieces to finish the blocks (its all in the box with teh raod maps on it). I think the store that coordinated the shop hop has closed and I don’t know if they do it anymore. That was a wonderful weekend!

We joined the YMCA this weekend with our tax money. I know we needed to fix my car and do other things, but this was something that we really have wanted to do for two years now. We paid the whole year at once and got a discount and hopefully we will get our monies worth out of it. I think I am going to sign up for swim lessons with R and they have water polo, so once I get my water wings back I think I will try and go to that. A was impressed last night that I could catch the polo ball with one hand holding onto R (who had a death grip on me and would not go to daddy so I could swim a lap) and throw it back at him.

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