Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday!

Today, I ate way too much! People kept offering me candy, and R had a lot that she was offering to me (never turn down a toddler trying to play grown up!) then I tried to counter act the candy with real food, but didn’t feel like making a big mess with dishes, so I just snacked all day. Oh my tummy, and yet no regrets! Every once in a while you need to just indulge! I am sure tomorrow I will feel like counter balancing everything and want apples and carrots or something along those lines.

I have such a bad urge to clean right now, and I know I should just go for it, but my feet hurt (I wore heals today for Easter…it’s been YEARS since I wore heals last, no point at Starbucks!) and I just don’t want to even though I know I need to and I should, and I want the place to be clean. I guess tomorrow I will try. In lieu of actually doing any cleaning today I wrote out a list of deep cleaning projects I want to tackle this month. I have about 30 projects, some are intense, others are fairly simple. I have it sorted by room but that doesn’t mean that I will do them in that order. With the exception of closets, our bedroom, and the desk our place is tidy, just not CLEAN! I always wanted to be one of those CLEAN people and was in college when I only had a little dorm room but it’s harder now.

I put my desk together today. A showed no interest in doing it so R and I put the legs on. I love it! It’s in the living room now about a foot away from this desk so we’ll have to find it a permanent home but for now it works. I washed, dried, ironed and cut the fabric for R’s big girl bed quilt. We will see how it turns out, but I don’t think I am going to like it as much as I thought I would. Mostly because I am not sure how well the fabrics will work together, I think they are going to fight, but I will wait until I judge it until I am finished.

I was expecting two of my friends to stop by today, one was in town visiting family, the other has no family in town but wanted to hang out. I called both of them to let them know I was home for the afternoon (after an egg hunt and other fun Easterie things) and neither of them called me back. That’s ok, I just hope to see them sometime soon! I feel isolated a lot, especially since A usually takes the car to work with him and R is not so great at the company thing yet. Someday she will be though!

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