Tuesday, March 18, 2008

quilting blabs

I ordered my new desk from target.com for quilting on. I am so excited to get it! I love our computer desk, but it has a hutch and is usually covered with bills, papers to file, craft projects (ok that’s not common, but it’s what I am looking at right now!) and computer things. I need a quilting desk to be more accessible, an even top, and most importantly….ALL MINE! I am sure this is not the most practical sewing desk, but I love it, I had actually been thinking of it for a few months, this specific one each time I went online I would sneak a peak at it.
In anticipation of getting the desk, and actually on a night where R was having a hard time falling asleep, I unpacked all my quilting things. I sat down with all my fabrics and sorted them by color, cleaned the shelves, and flipped through mags again. I would love a subscription to either McCalls Quilting or Quilters World, those are two that my mom gets that I tend to find patterns I like the most in, I do enjoy American Patchwork Quilting too, but if I have to pick on, I think Quilters World would be the best (*ahem* A get the hint?)

My aunt J, mom, and I went fabric shopping together once, about a year and a half ago, R was little, and picked out some fabric for me to make a quilt for J with. I have the fabric, and couldn’t find the pattern, while I was flipping through one of the mags, There it was, with J’s name right next to it! Unfortunately I have four fabrics and the pattern only calls for two, so I took some pics of the pattern and the fabric and e-mail it to J, but my guess is we won't figure it all out until I go out for my brothers graduation.

As for other quilt news, as soon as I get my desk I am going to start working on R’s big girl bed quilt, I bought some fabric for it already, and when sorting through my stash I found some more pinks that will work with the quilt, but I didn’t pull them out yet. I don’t know how much I will need, so I will wait and see how things go with what I have for now. I am excited to start it! I don’t know how it will turn out, but I still want to get going. Worst case scenario, I don’t like it and make another one. I also told one of my gal friends I’d make her daughter a big girl bed quilt, she is coming over tomorrow to talk about patterns and colors and ideas, plus the girls will have a little play date!

Oh I am so excited!


ladybug said...

Oh! How much fun to get to wander through someone else's clean and tidy stash! :) My own goes through periods of being nice and neat and organized to exploding all over my work space and then back again...It is sort of fun to allow it to be everywhere for a day or two...but even more fun to re-tame it back to colors and future project piles again.

Thanks so much for stopping my blog. It was a GREAT gift to now be led back to your wonderful blog as well!

The purple quilt is a fun one and really simple to put together. (it's done using strip piecing and once you get things organized you can sew it together in a day!)

The pattern for this little gem is called "Baby trip around the world" and is in the book: "Tradition with a Twist: Variations on Your Favorite Quilts". You can usually find it in most quilt shops but I believe that Amazon has a few as well.

This book has been one of my mom's favorite for years...and now that I've made my first quilt from it, I can see why. ;)

Again, it was so much fun having you stop by my blog. Thanks for the comment and for liking my quilt! ;)

ladybug said...

OH! and I forgot to mention that you can use four fabrics instead of 3 for the quilt that you have picked colors out for...it just depends on the pattern. Sometimes you can alternate part of the pieced pattern...sometimes you can use the extra color for a border or even the binding. :) Keep up the great work! and happy quilting!