Sunday, March 16, 2008

The house is a mess, I am tired, but boy am I doing well today!

This weekend, I had three days off! What are the odds? Working at two stores that’s very unlikely, but it happened. I went to visit my friend in a town a few miles away (ok so almost 100 door to door) and had a wonderful time. I spent too much money on things I sort of needed and fixing my car which decided it wanted to lose power a few times on the drive over there (I got an oil change and it worked better but still not up to snuff!)

Today I was going to focus on cleaning the house, but that didn’t happen as much as I would have liked it to. I got the living room in decent condition, and R’s room is good. I need to tackle the bedroom, and A needs to finish the kitchen and bathroom (which he made progress on both!) I have a ton of laundry to fold. Blah!

One of my co-workers came over today to talk quilting. She and I are going to work on our projects together, but she needs some more guidance than I do, so hopefully I will be able to give it to her. I am really excited about starting R’s quilt, but not thrilled at all the fabrics. Hopefully it will look ok all together, and worse case scenario, she won’t be in a toddler bed for too long. I can always make a better twin quilt, and actually need to start thinking of patterns for it but I should finish this one first. I just can’t believe how big she is already! I miss my little baby girl!

Wedding planning is on hold until I actually get a ring and can talk to mom and dad about budgets but I have been dreaming and checking out the which has all sorts of great resources especially for those just beginning their search and planning. I think I have decided on a few styles of dresses to try on when that comes up and we decided on pink and green as our colors, but I don’t know how we will work them, I was originally thinking sage with bold pink and a lighter one, but that might be too much for A, so maybe more pink at the ceremony (flowers, dressed) and more green at the reception (table linens, decorations etc and throw pink back in with centerpieces if flowers and the cake?) it’s a good thing I have time to plan!!

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