Sunday, April 20, 2008

a case of the blahs

I have not been meaning to ignore my blog, or not reflect on things. I have no energy! I keep thinking it’s because I am not eating right (but I am more so than I used to!) I also try to blame work, and while that may be some of it, I leave work at work and home is a place to relax. I have been having trouble sleeping in my bed lately, I am not sure why but I have been falling asleep on the couch and then moving to bed once I am out cold. I am just worn out! I need to make my usual drs appointment and will add my exhaustion to the list of things to discuss along with new migraine meds since my current prescription doesn’t do much for me anymore.

R has been causing her normal trouble and running amuck. She has almost figured out night night time which really helps my sanity, but not as much as I need. I need more naps! We are down to one nap which is fine as long as I am not closing…which hits right around the time we start naps, so I drag!

I am doing well on R’s quilt, I am about three hours away from having the top done, minus the borders which I need to buy fabric for. And I only really say three hours because who knows when or it I will be able to get to it this week, and if I do will it be in sputters like it has been? Because if it is that means I have to take everything out and put it back.

I need to get to bed, I am opening tomorrow! UGHH!!!

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