Saturday, February 13, 2010


I have another post about memories I want to keep from this past long weekend at Nana's funeral and with my family, memories about Nana herself, things I want to treasure but the words just don't seem to do it justice. I am going to leave that post unedited, unpublished, and ready for me to come back to at some point. I want to share more for myself and to tell the girls about her but I am going to have to sit on it and come back to it a few times before it's ready to share. Let me just say she was a wonderful woman!

I took the girls to Mass today. Oh man was that a challenge. R was getting tired, H was fussy and I couldn't figure out why, I was fighting off the beginnings of a migraine, but this was the first time in ages I've been free to go be it because I was at work or A was at work when we only had one running car (YAY FOR HAVING BOTH CARS BACK IN WORKING ORDER!) and I usually came up with enough excuses in the event that I could make it that I figured I'd go today or I'd keep putting it off. There has been a huge part of myself that's been missing-my spiritual side has been lacking and ignored. It was nice to go again.

When we got home, I figured out why H was fussing so much! I had changed her right before leaving for mass and usually she doesn't need a change often. About half way through the services I heard her grunting working on a poop. No biggie, except R had been trying to run in the church so I decided to wait until either after Mass or when we got home to change her. Ended up being when we got home, and when I did, I wiped her poopie bottom and found lots of little irritated bleeding spots. Poor girl!! She didn't have a twinkle of diaper rash before we left or I would not have let her sit in that for a while, but she had a fairly loose poop so owwie. Right now she's diaper less and of course she went tinkle just when I set her down to get a towel for her to play on! oh well! We were going to have pros come in and clean our carpets when we got our tax refund anyways!

R did something that every child I have heard of has done, and scared me to death! Yesterday we were cuddling in my bed watching Cinderella, and I dozed off a touch right before the "Cinderelly Cinderelly night and day it's Cinderelly" song and woke up shortly after it. She wasn't in bed with me! I went to check on her and make sure she was OK, there was very little noise in the house, just H's sweet snoring. R wasn't in her room, she wasn't in the bathroom, she wasn't in the living room, she wasn't in the kitchen, or the laundry room, or on the stairs to the neighbors floor, she wasn't in the front nor the backyard, the garage, the church parking lot with her bike, the park two blocks away! I called A in near hysterics! He had just gotten to work so he came back home and he and I were looking everywhere for her, calling her name as loud as we could without going into panicked voices... He got the idea to double check the girls room, H was still sleeping, and he looked into R's bed, and started laughing! "She's in her bed" "No she's not! I looked there! I am not stupid!" "yes she is! look under her pillow." She was in her bed, under the covers, with the pillow over her head, and about 5 r 6 of her stuffed animals and a few books in bed with her. All you could see was her knee! She NEVER sleeps in her own bed, and she NEVER puts herself down! If every parent I know hadn't been through something similar I'd feel like a fool!

I just read the first book in the Twilight series. My brothers girlfriend (I secretly hope that she becomes more) gave it to me for Christmas saying I HAD to read it! I did, and "eh" is all I have to say. now before you jump to tell me how wrong I am I have heard each book is better than the next and they are meant to build on each otter so the first is full of development and background. I get it and will keep reading, I am just saying without being told that and if I didn't appreciate that information I'd throw in the towel on the saga. I will read it all with an open mind.

Last night I finished the binding on one of the projects I had on my list to finish in the next few months! I finished the quilt for my friend's boys with Rudolph! Hooray! I also started the binding to my ABC quilt and am 1/2 done with the second side of the binding of my cousins Christmas tree quilt. I think once I get the house clean (at least the living room) I will take pictures and rock out the next few!

Speaking of finishing projects,don't forget next Friday is the Friday night Sew-In!

Lastly (since I've rambled enough!) there's an awesome give away over at crazy old ladies blog, I LOVE their patterns! I have one right now and keep looking at like 6 more that I want! check out their blog here and then see if you want to participate in their give away.

pics will be coming soon, I have to clean and vacuum before I show anything to you!


---"Love" said...

Sounds like you had quite a day! ---"Love"

canuckquilter said...

Oh my, I can relate to that diaper rash story :). My son was prone to those nothing there one minute, red blistered bottom the next rashes, and the first time it happened I felt just awful that I hadn't figured out right away why he was screaming away. Ah well, he survived (and he'd be mortified if he knew I'd just shared that!) We didn't deal with any disappearing acts, just spectacular falls, but again, both children and both parents have survived so far :)
Enjoy working on those quilts. I'd love to see pictures when they're done. -Joanne

Beth said...

Nothing is as scary as not knowing where a little one has gone. My sister did that once and we still do not know where she was ( she says she was in the hamper). My girls found it funny to hide from me in stores. Lucky I survived their growing up years.
Have a good week, give those little cuties a hug.

a good yarn said...

Amazingly, children seem to survive these ordeals - I'm just not sure that we the parents do! *chuckle*
Ann :-)

seventhsister26 said...

Wow is all I can say. Parenting is an adventure isn't it? I know my greatest fear when my children were younger was them going missing. Now that they are older, I think that's even more of a fear.
As for the diaper thing....I worked daycare for a long time, and one wrong "poopy" can wreak terror on a little bottom in an instant. It happens, she'll live. Just be patient with the unhappiness it produces;)
Take care, and Happy (Parenting) and Quilting!!