Wednesday, February 17, 2010

three phd now DONE

I did a little blog house keeping today. I think I have everyone from All People Quilt here but correct me if I am wrong. I need to go back and read more than the most recent post on many of them, and make sure I am following those on blogger! I also crossed off (so to speak) a few projects from my 6 month challenge!! Hooray!!

I was headed to the post office with two of my winners goodies, and my block lotto blocks, but it was my last stop after Ash Wednesday Mass, and grocery shopping with the family, but somehow R had a little accident in her pants so we just left the store, A paid for everything and we went home. I don't understand what happened because shes still in pull ups, but whatever! I think she must have had a wedgie or something and leaked out one side. Poor girl! I have tomorrow off!

I don't have pics of what I am sending, I sort of want it to be a surprise, I hope the people who get them show the goodies off, but I will tell you a touch about them! Ruth is getting a table runner pattern and a charm pack to start her off with it. Vanessa, I need to get her two half yards of fabric one dark one light to make a table runner I have a cute patten to (I just can't find anything that is perfect ya know? so let me know if theres something calling your name!). I have some beads, and thread, and a few random swatches of fabric for Therica. And lastly for Ann, I have some floral fat quarters.
So here are my finished projects: My Christmas Tree quilt, Binding DONE! YAHOO!!! Not perfect but whatever!

My cousin's Tree quilt, binding DONE! I have my Rudolph quilt in my car, so you have to live without a pic, just know it's done too and I will post a pic of it when I get it!

I am working on my ABC's quilt, I ran out of binding, so add that to the list for JoAnns tomorrow! I wish A had left me R's car seat before he went to work, but I might as well wait until tomorrow and see if I can go all by myself.

I need to get some solid white for my modern siggy swap with p.s.i quilt, here are the two fabrics I have for it. This first one is vivid and charming and wonderful, but is it modern enough?
This second one, I feel is modern enough, but does it pop enough or is it too muted? I could totally use this for something else, but if that first ones too retro/hippy than I have no problem using this second one.

p.s. there's a giveaway over here!


---"Love" said...

Your little Christmas trees are so cute, and something I might try for one of my projects. ---"Love"

Christine said...

Cute projects!! I think both of your fabrics will pop when paired with the white. :) Christine

Marsha said...

Your trees are great, I love them. The fabrics are so bright and cheerful. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Shopping with kids is always an adventure. They grow so fast.


Beth said...

The treeis so cute. You are really getting through your projects.
I like both of the fabrics.
I remember when it was really exciting to go anywhere alone (even the bathroom LOL). Enjoy.

seventhsister26 said...

I think both are great, but would use the first one for the swap. I love all the stuff they are coming out with now;) It's all so fun;)
Happy Quilting!!

Stash Heaven said...

The Christmas trees are a wonderful project. Looks like a really great way to use up some green scraps--all those "less than a fat qtr pieces". Glad to have found you. Mary

Myra said...

Hey Lisa!
Good for you for getting a few of those PhDs done and off your list (sorta speak)!!! I look forward to seeing Rudolph! 8-)
Remember to let me know when you've posted your finishes so I can mark them off on my sidebar. I'm keeping a tally to see how many we all get done by the end of June...
Happy stitchings! 8-)

a good yarn said...

Oh wow Fat Quraters! Thank you so much. You are a real sweetie. I really like the funky fabrics and white always brings these together. They will be just the thing for Rachel's swap. The Christmas Trees are terrific. It's a good feeling to finish off outstanding projects. Clears the decks fore something new. Ann :-)