Monday, February 01, 2010

pictures of projects

I got my camera, no not the diapers. If dad had been in charge of mailing the stuff it would have been very likely, fortunately for all involved mom was the one who did it. We DID get Simon from McDonald's and he sings "da da da da da I'm lovin' it" and is rather annoying. Mom offered to take it out of the package but we have Alvan here saying "Hello Gorgeous" already, now to see if we can get Theodore! We also got a few clean diapers!

Before I get to pictures and fun stuff, my Nana is in the hospital again, I think this makes it two full weeks now. I am waiting on the latest word on her condition but last I heard they were talking about a ventilator but she was not on it as if an hour after the conversation. She went in last week for a pain pump and they think she aspirated something and that turned into full blown pneumonia. She had a bad bought with it about 5 years ago and hasn't been the same since. She is back and forth better and worse, almost every day. I know this sounds bad but I wish she would just stay bad so they can totally treat her and then get better slowly instead of trying to rush everything. This back and forth is so hard! Mom will call me tomorrow when she's with them. I am getting together a little care package with a card, candy, maybe a game, and hopefully I make it to Costco to send some pics of the girls too to cheer her and everyone around up.
Here is a cute pic of H playing with my old ferry boat toy. I can't believe Fisher Price or PlaySkool made ferry's but here's proof. R was playing with it a lot too, she'd drive my brothers old cars into it, pull them all over the house, and unload them. Poor Grandma and Grandpa (formerly known as MeMa and PePa) are probably still finding cars!
I joined a little one-one Valentines Day swap, and here's my cute little heart quiltlette. It's eh about 14X14 inches, but that's just a rough estimate. This is the project I squared up my HST's for for the first time. I am glad I did! This project had a lot of firsts for me! This was the first time I did a swap, so much fun, I might have to do more. I was able to use just things from my stash so that was really nice. I only spent money on a few FQ's to go with it and some candy from a local candy shop. Then A ate some of the box of chocolates I brought home, thankfully I had bought some Jordan Almonds there too so I sent those and HIS Resses peanut butter hearts heheh! I can get him more latter but I really wanted to show off our cute little candy shop! This was the first time I used normal fabric for the binding, I had previously used Wrights Double Fold Bias for my binding. It's what my mom taught me for my first quilt because she didn't want me to run away from the project (I made and over sized twin for my first one, the post about it is back a little ways). Lastly this was the first time I made a label! Hooray! Finally! I just appliqued it on the back and then did the quilting and stuff, so nothing too impressive. I think it's cool though. How do you guys do labels? And someday I will need to figure out those sleves to hang things.
Before I leave you for the night, here's the month of January for my Calender Quilt. It's missing three days because I don't have enough white on white or cream on cream but I left myself a little note about that so when I do get more I can sew them in. I am doing two at once to see what I like best in the end, one is 1 1/2 by 10 1/2 strips and the other is 1 1/2 by 2 1/2 (finished 1X2) The blue strip is Seattle/Washington themed fabric from a shop hop a few years back and was the day we left for Seattle, the snowmen below it, we opened presents with my parents, the tea cups from the day I went back to work after vacation, the hearts all over are the days I worked on my swap thing (OK I did it a few more days but those I did it more than other days) everything else is just random and what called to me that day.


a good yarn said...

I do hope your grandma gets better soon. It must be such a worry for you. Your quiltlette is adorable and I love the backing fabric. Nice work on the label too. H is looking as cute as ever. Ann :-)

Katie said...

I'm so sorry to hear your grandma is still in the hospital. Hopefully those doctors will get it straight what's wrong so they can start making her better.

The little quilt is very cute and I love the valentine fabric on the back. I put labels on after quilting - just turn the edges of whatever I'm using under and applique it down, being careful not to stitch to through to the front of the quilt! But however you label it, it's more important to label - in 200 years, someone will find the quilt and know who made it.

---"Love" said...

Your little Valentine quilt is really cute; love the backing too! Your label is special! That little one is even more special, right? ---"Love"

Christine said...

I'll say a prayer for your grandma. Great job on your quilts! I love the valentine fabric! :) Christine

Anonymous said...

Your valentine quilt is very cute! Isn't it great to use the skills we learn (how ever we learn them)! Your HSTs are looking great.

Hope your Grandma is on the mend.


Beth said...

Your little quilt is adorable. H looks adorable too playing with her ferry. I remember having those little people and little cars all over my house.