Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Preview of Teen Years with R!

Last night was one of those nights I really wish my man didn't work at night. I could have used a tag team partner! R went down early and I thought she was down for the night, but nope, up at 9 and she kept waking her sister up until 11:30 when I finally gave up and put on Beauty and the Beast in my bedroom and prayed that would be enough to settle R down and she'd fall asleep to it. For the record she did not, but I did, and the house is now covered in sprinkles for A's birthday cake, toys (as usual) and diapers of every size that had been lined up to be a magical pathway from my bedroom to the laundry room.
She's a night owl

I am not

nor am I a morning person
and I do need a nap

so basically I am a sleeper!

H is more like me that way, she is sleeping through the night, and has been since I went back to work, she takes good naps, she goes down at a decent hour (about 9 and gets up somewhere between 8:30 and 10) she sometimes gets up at 6 something to eat and falls back asleep but that's only if she was too tired to eat her whole bottle before bed.

seriously, wrong child up at night!!

But this all did make me think of the teen years to come. Mine were horrible. Oh man was I moody, heck I still am without enough sleep. Just ask A (who for the record is still asleep at 11am and probably will have to be preyed out of bed at 2 so he makes it to work on time!) what a raving b word I can become if I am overtired/stressed/or have not had any down time. And the drive to work doesn't count buddy! unless I take the scenic route, but that's hard to do with only 12 blocks between here and there! But I am in for a rough ride to come I think.

Why do I believe this?
1) R is a night owl and NOT a morning person. She wakes up and wants to be left alone, so she either reads or watches a "show" and needs you to not bug her but be available when she decides she needs something from food, to water, to cuddles, but don't ask if she wants something or you'll get the wrath of her!

2) Back talking. Lordy she's got it down!!

Exhibit A: "R, do you need to change your diaper?" (because of course she'd rather change her own than go on the potty *eye roll*) "No, you go change your diaper!"
Exhibit B: "R, you need to get dressed" "where we going?" "no where, we just need to wear clothes on our bodies" "I no get dress 'less we go to the park" "its too cold/rainy/snowy to go to the park, but lets get dressed" "go to store?" "no" "then I no get dressed."this is why shes only wearing her pull up in most the pics I have of her

Exhibit C: "R, go put your toys in your room please"/"go clean up your mess" "No! You do it!!"

Exhibit D: (my personal favorite) "You need to change your attitude missy" *little foot stomp, finger pointing at me shaking as she talks* "No, you change your add-it-ude" *hands on hips*
Do you know how hard it is to not just laugh at her?

3) She needs "coffee" or at least thinks she does. At least once a day she tells me "Um, I need my coffee" and when I come home from work "you bring me (or sometimes us if shes in the same room as A) coffee?"

4) She's obsessed with Target
5) when we go shopping it's always "oh, I like Dis!" "oh! I like this one!" (thank goodness we don't have to bring much home with us yet shes just appreciating it all but still!)

I am sure there's a million more ways shes like a mini teen. These are just examples from the past 24 hours. She has a ton of sweetness in her too but I wanted to capture this so when I look back in 10 or so years I can say "yup, saw that one coming!"

I have two. girls. who will be teens. Oh man!

*update, its now 12:05AM! and R just informed me broom in hand that it was time to clean the kitchen. GO TO BED CHILD!*


a good yarn said...

They are two very beautiful girls but you certainly have your hands full. R is quite the Little Miss but it's likely that her spunk will serve her well later in life when it counts. Ann :-)

Katie said...

Though I'm sure you're not laughing, I am. The stories are very cute, though if it were my child doing that (I've chosen to have the furry, four-legged kind only) I'm sure I would be furious. But I've seen this in nieces and nephews and it does get better. We'll see how it goes when they get the teenage hormones... Hang in there!

canuckquilter said...

See, I try very hard *not* to look ahead to my kids'teen years. :) Getting by today is good enough for now! -Joanne

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Sounds like you might need a visit from Supernanny in the near future. Good Luck! Jenn

Marsha said...

Thank goodness my kids are all grown up but I remember those days. Sometimes I knew I needed to be in charge of the situation but it was all I could do to keep a straight face, or sometimes I just had to leave the room to laugh so they couldn't see me, then compose myself and return to take charge again. My youngest was much like R, very self assured and headstrong. She has grown into a wonderful young woman, so it is all worth it.


Christine said...

hehehe! I love all the impish pictures. She sure is a cute one with a lot of sass! :) Christine

Beth said...

LOL. Sorry I know it isn't funny when you are the Mommy. My oldest was so like that with the sleeping. Every night. And the youngest had the sass thing as soon as she could talk. Luckily DD#1 got old enough to stay up late without me watching and DD#2 became very sweet for a few years, She really wasn't bad as a teen either. So maybe this is the worst. (She is adorable, they both are. I wish you a good night's sleep).

Anonymous said...

That is too funny;) Funny because I have been there. My daughter didn't talk back much (I took care of that habit in a quickness). But, we did have our conversations. And, yes, I am a sleeper...deprive me of my required amounts and I am h**l with painted toes...LOL. My daughter was wired from the start. Never napped, and was up till all hours of the night and up at the crack of dawn. I finally got her trained on what to do to keep herself busy while mommy napped.
As for them becoming teenagers, all I can say is take a deep breath and know that one day, far far away in another galaxy, they will grow out of it.
Take care and Happy Quilting!!