Thursday, September 11, 2008

stashes of sorts

I am working on sewing up some Christmas crafts…the ones I spent so much money on the fabric for (and have very little left over, just enough to make a quilt with, a little throw quilt at least. I have a little scrapbook for my quilts and what not and even though these gifts are not quilts, I think I will include them as well. They are still a part of my learning experiences. My scrapbook is actually really cool, it’s not to scrappy, not too bookie. I have pictures of each finished quilt, little scraps of fabric from them (sometimes just glued down other times used to boarder the pictures) and little stories about the quilt. It’s a great way to see how my quilting has changed as well as remember who the quilt was for, why I made it, and I don’t have to keep all my quilts to show off my art!

I have also been working on trying to better organize my stash. I have a lot of things in various shoe boxes, which works since I can label them but I would love to get several plastic-see through boxes so I can see what fabrics I have, so I can re-use the storage containers, and to have consistent sized/shaped containers. I am going to ask for those for Christmas from A I think, but maybe I will get them for myself and say they are from Santa. I have also been trying to figure out what to do with the random sized pieces left over from projects. For a while I was keeping them regardless of the dimensions in a Ziploc bag. The last quilt I finished I cut a bunch of 2 ½X 2 ½ squares for it and had a bunch left over. I saved all those and thought, what a neat, consistent way to save pieces. I have always wanted to do one of those mosaic like quilts (water color?) and what better way to start a stash for that than from a stash too small to really save. I went back through that Ziploc bag of things tonight and cut them all down. It is still relatively small and not enough variation to show an image yet, but it’s a good solid start. Plus I will remember my other projects at the same time when I see those scraps and bits.

I had the chance to go up to my co-workers house this past week. It was a wonderful time, she has such a warm inviting house in the mountains. Something I dream of but I don’t think I will have, especially since the city-girl in me comes out every once in a while. I’d love to live somewhere that we couldn’t get TV reception and would have to read, and talk, do puzzles and keep each other company more. I think it would be good for A and my relationship. I also got to meet my co-workers neighbor who is a quilt designer. I thought that sounded glamorous, challenging, exciting, and fulfilling. After meeting her on a busy day I realized it’s a lot of work and a lot of pressure too. I don’t think it’s something I would enjoy, but give me a pattern to quilt without a deadline and let me enjoy it!

I was inspired to try and create that cozy home feeling though. I know I could do it if I took the time to 1) clean 2) sort through the things we don’t use and don’t need 3) added some stuff to the walls and at the same time de-cluttered our rooms. I have tackled the kitchen. I re-organized everything except the cupboard above the sink which needs it the most (all of R’s sippy cups, plastic bowls and what not’s) I have caught up on the dishes, I have scrubbed some of the cupboards and walls (one half the kitchen so far, tomorrow maybe the other side and the fridge!) next is the laundry room which will also be the easiest, then the closets, the bathroom, R’s room, our room, then lastly the living room….so counter-clockwise throughout the house. I am especially motivated to do this in case we have to move soon (fingers crossed out of this town!)

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