Monday, September 22, 2008

fabric inspirations

I was at Ben Franklin yesterday picking up some paper for our “green apron” at work and strolled through the fabric section quickly (they were about to close at 6, and it was about quarter to) and saw some fabric from Eric Carle’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar and they had two patterns for free to take. I grabbed both because I didn’t have a chance to look closely at them to see if I liked them or not, but I have always loved that book, especially now with R. When I got home I looked them over and like one pattern (from Fons and Potter I think) and am not in love with the other from I like the basic idea of it, but not in practice. I am thinking about grabbing my notebook and trying to come up with something I like better. I have now graphed out four quilts in my notebook but this is one that would actually take more brainwork and trouble shooting since I don’t have an image to work off of. I guess this is what real designers do, they look at the fabric and see it, maybe play around on a design wall (which I would love to have) and what pencils with erasers are for.

So many people I know are having children right now, it’s the age I am at, it’s the phase of life I am in. The 20 something’s are the time to get married have kids, start first families (alright I am being cynical with that one). I am going to make a nursery set with the caterpillar collection and maybe someone will mention how they like that book or something and I can give it to someone. I am going top save up my tip money and go buy oodles of the fabric so I can make everything…a few crib sheets, a bumper, a crib skirt, a coverlet, maybe a pillow or something for decoration, some window valances, I have the instructions for a message board but I never used for R’s room (though I never finished her room, after the bumper I realized I wasn’t in love with the fabric I got for it all and stopped there!) a toddler quilt and then a twin size….you didn’t need to know all that, but there it is for you. I will go buy a storage tub for it all to go into and when someone wants it, I will give it to them. I love it all, but I have ideas for my other children so far. I know A will roll his eyes at this, but who knows, maybe it will be a gift for one of his friends.

In unrelated news…I know you were all looking forward to some non-quilting stuff, I asked a girl to lunch. She went to school with me, but we never were in the same circle. She lives in town and is a regular at my store so one day I finally had the guts to say “hey, would you like to go to lunch or something?” and she said yes. I figured the worst she could say is no, I am too busy or have enough friends. It turns out she is like me and doesn’t have enough friends who still live in town and are settled. She just got married and isn’t doing the whole single thing which many people I know in town are doing. She is even interested in bringing R along to lunch. I am glad I asked even though it’s awkward. At least she was on my turf when I asked. I think that’s what gave me the confidence to ask.

I am getting really tired of this apartment, even though it’s not the apartment itself that is the problem. I am really frustrated with R and A, but it’s easier to blame the building than the people. I just can’t get this place clean for the life of me. I realize a new place wouldn’t be a solution, but I am almost out of ideas on how to organize things here. I had the last two days off and was planning on cleaning and sorting through things like I mentioned in one of my past posts but R has been sick and clingy and whiney so all I did was sit on the couch and cuddle with her and watch cartoons (thank you Sprout!) I got a few odds and ends sorted, mostly laundry since I could sit on the couch with her while folding it. I wish I had more done. I have today and tomorrow where I work and then the next two days off again. (nice but then I have a long haul in the following week with only one day off, and even then I have to go into the store for a meeting) I could have made so much progress but instead I cuddled. I guess that’s important too but not as productive. Hopefully this week she feels better, or at least sleeps better during nap time so I can get some chores taken care of.

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