Thursday, October 28, 2010

pics from R

R got her little hands on my camera while I was at work yesterday. I had to give her her own post. So here's what she took and the stories she told me about them:

"That's H, She's so cute. She's still a little baby, but soon she will be big like me. And she didn't say cheese because she's a baby, but she can say "baba" and "mama" and "dada" and "baby" but not "r"."" That's a funny picture. That's my eyes. My eyes see. See my eyes?" (can she be Dr Seuss?)

"That's my bears. Bears, Bears. They wear costumes. There's a pumpkin and a scary thing like the neighbors have in the grass on the way to school. We don't walk on peoples grass. It's disrespectful. We can walk on those peoples grass (the people kitty corner to us are regulars at my store and said we can walk on their grass to avoid the huge puddle that forms on the street in front of their house). You talk to them. They say it's ok."

And there's R's post!

a few finishes

I have one more package from the Fall Into Fall giveaway before I brag...I mean share what I won. Brace yourself though, I will be having a little give away and I think a bigger one will be coming down the pike. (or is it pipe?)
I wanted to share of my latest finishes. Too bad they were all small..
First up (you can't see the binding but it's done) is this little heart. I made one of these for my swap partner last year, and thought it was a great little quiltlette so I made done for K (my brothers girlfriend)
I had four abandoned mistake blocks from the block lotto over the summer...actually I had five, I put these four together for a little doll quilt and the fifth went to Joanne (or will whenever I make it to the post office) I also binded that with the black dots.This last one needs the binding and then it's done. There's a doll quilt that matches that has the binding sewn on one side and just needs the hand stitching. Someones costume took precedence. Remind me to tell you all about THAT when I am done with it.

Oh yeah, R's dora quilt just needs the hand binding in back done's on my bed right now anyways. It's the warmest quilt we have in the house and A refuses to turn the heat on in the bedroom, thst's ok I just crank it up in the living room hehehehe!

Friday, October 22, 2010

quick note

I just wanted to tell you guys I have not vanished!

It's been a rough week, but it's making me a stronger person.

I won some goodies at the fall into fall giveaways (THREE!!) I will share about those later

And I need some new authors. I like Janet Evanovich, Cleo Coyle, Catherine Coulter, J.A. Jance, and sometimes Nora Robberts. I DO NOT like Mary Higgins Clark (I'm only 140 pages into it but shesh I don't want to finish except I have this thing where i can't NOT finish a book)

I am charging my "new" cameras battery but I DID snap these pics before it died:

H sleeping in her new crib (her old one had a drop side and with all the recalls it made me nervouse...see the cute foot hanging out the side? She does that almost every night!

R being a smiley sweet girl! I need to cut her bangs!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

oct FNSI

last night was another FNSI and I signed up at the last moment. I didn't get much done, the kids were good all day until about 5:00 then it all went to hell. They just were not happy and R was becoming wild. I was planning on working on quilting one of my tops to cross off my list and instead I worked on some of my hexagons while watching project runway on the computer and I fused fabrics together for the girls costumes (I am doing fleece on the inside and the fun shiny clown material on the outside. I don't know how long the two fabrics will stick together but hopefully long enough to sew the stuff together.

anyways I need to get ready for work, the fall into fall giveaway stuff is closing up and people are announcing winners....wahoo!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

just wondering

why and how both of my rotary blades and my pair of fabric only scissors all go missing at the same time. And on the day I buy a little bit of fabric to make Halloween pillowcases for the couch pillows!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

updates on the girls

to start with, look what I stumbled upon today: here. How neat is that? Lots of good things to check out, lots of great patterns, and did you see the CD giveaway? It looks like it's a relatively new site so check it out, then be sure to check back.

I have been sewing like mad, but not getting anything accomplished. How does that happen? I have two little quilt blocks to sew the back binding down on, a little four block doll quiltlette thing to sew the binding down on....and R's HUGE Dora quilt that is SO WARM! I used flannel on the back and then warm and natural batting. I don't think I need to worry about turning the heat on in her room with that quilt in the winter! I have H's ready to quilt, well I have to pin it all together and I HATE that part, but I think I will make hers as warm too and use these as the girls "winter" quilts and use what we have now for summer quilts.

H is still not walking but she's SO good at climbing up onto the couch and off it by herself. I also think she's not walking because she doesn't want to, not because she can't. I bet the one day she decides she wants something that's at eye level a few steps away while shes standing up, off she will go and she will be unstoppable.

R is loving school. she's quiet in the class, and doesn't tell us much about school but thanks to the weekly newsletters and her giving away little bits and pieces throughout the week I can get a general idea of whats going on. I know it's a lot for her to take in and then share! I am moving out to the Seattle area at the end of the school year, She will have a place at the school my mom subs at and the principal will save a spot in either K or pre-K depending on what we want. I WANT to say she's so smart let's go for the K but she will be the baby of the class and I am almost leaning towards Pre-K for her for one more year. Let her play a little longer and learn how to be in a classroom before worrying about reading and writing and math and all those other things. We have parent teacher conferences in Jan and I will be visiting my folks about then too and talking to the principal so we will figure it out then I guess. I know no decision will be "wrong" but I sort of wish the right one would fall into my lap.

Anyhoo, off to the library then folding laundry!

Friday, October 01, 2010

sewing again!

well, it's been an age and a half since I have posted anything. Honestly, nothing much to tell. R's loving preschool, H just cut four molars sometime between bed Weds night and this afternoon (totally explains why she was crying over EVERYTHING!) and A is still driving me up a wall and slacking on house chores. Such a man! (well, young man I guess!)

The good news is I have finally been sewing again! I quilted a little thing, it was like an over sized four patch turned doll blanket for R's "baby" who was having a birthday and needed a quilt for her "big girl bed" so I obliged. Apparently I just needed a little something to get over my hurdle. I quilted another little doll quilt from mistake blocks for the block lotto from a few months ago, then I quilted R's HUGE dora quilt. I meant to make it twin size but when I laid it out on my bed 1/2 way through quilting to roll the other sides in, well I think it's almost as big as my comforter on my queen bed. Oh well! I need to go get some binding fabric for it next week when I get my tip money and then work on the binding.

I also quilted two lost blocks for Joanne's wall. one if for a BOTM that I was trying to do at my LQS before A lost his job two years ago and I wasn't able to finish. The other was a block that didn't fit into a quilt I made. I was going to make a little pillow with it but it's sat for over a year and I never worked on it, either buying a pillow or making the rest of a case for it so what the heck? She wants it I'll give it to her!

I am sorry I don't have pictures, my aunt is loaning her old camera to me so it should be here in a few days. I guess technology and I don't get along!

oh, have you been seeing all these give aways? I am almost dizzy there are so many going on right now! Shesh!!