Thursday, October 28, 2010

a few finishes

I have one more package from the Fall Into Fall giveaway before I brag...I mean share what I won. Brace yourself though, I will be having a little give away and I think a bigger one will be coming down the pike. (or is it pipe?)
I wanted to share of my latest finishes. Too bad they were all small..
First up (you can't see the binding but it's done) is this little heart. I made one of these for my swap partner last year, and thought it was a great little quiltlette so I made done for K (my brothers girlfriend)
I had four abandoned mistake blocks from the block lotto over the summer...actually I had five, I put these four together for a little doll quilt and the fifth went to Joanne (or will whenever I make it to the post office) I also binded that with the black dots.This last one needs the binding and then it's done. There's a doll quilt that matches that has the binding sewn on one side and just needs the hand stitching. Someones costume took precedence. Remind me to tell you all about THAT when I am done with it.

Oh yeah, R's dora quilt just needs the hand binding in back done's on my bed right now anyways. It's the warmest quilt we have in the house and A refuses to turn the heat on in the bedroom, thst's ok I just crank it up in the living room hehehehe!


Katie said...

Look at you go! The little heart is really cute and I like the dolly quilt a lot. And the quilt R has curled up with is really great, too. (Seems she's taken the role my kitties get - quilt tester!)

seventhsister26 said...

Finishes are finishes no matter what size they are;) I love the brightness of the log cabin your daughter is under;) No wonder she likes it;)
Happy Quilting!!

Beth said...

Looks like you jumped in with both feet. Great finishes. Love that quilt R is snoozing with, great colors.

---"Love" said...

Dolly quilts are a very good use for orphan blocks! That's a cute little quilt! So is the log cabin. ---"Love"

---"Love" said...

Sorry! I meant to also say I love the little pink and white quilt! ---"Love"