Friday, September 17, 2010

cleaning and halloween!

I am working on cleaning the house, so I used the "need to blog" as an excuse to sit for a few minutes. I wish everyone would leave the house for a few hours and let me clean by myself but in the mean time I am plugging away hopeful that I can finish at least one room tonight. I will never know how two children plus one grown man can make such a huge mess in next to no time! I take the blame for the mess in the laundry room (OK I only take 1/2 the blame there, the sprinkler system guys destroyed everything in their way so I moved a ton of stuff into there so they wouldn't mess anytime else up) and my desk, but the rest it the three of them.

So as for my excuse, I am trying to figure out this pattern for Clown costumes for the girls. I am NOT a clothing sewer, I am a quilter. I am still going to try. R has decided she wants to be a ferry too. I am excited about the clown costume for her since I am going to do fleece in the inside and shiny clown stuff on the outside. I want them to be warm but not have to wear a long winter coat either over or under it! I will make her ferry costume too if she insists. I don't mind making other costumes for her, Dress up is so fun to play!

So speaking of Halloween, I wanted to let you know about a fun blog hop that's coming up. Do you remember last year I followed one around and made those awesome tree quilts from one of the bloggers. They are doing this again, but for Halloween! WAHOO! you know what I will be checking out soon! Gudrun is having a little give away to celebrate the start, so check her blog out and maybe hop around!


Christine said...

I can't wait to see the finished clown costumes! That will be so cute. Thanks for the link to the Fall-o-ween blog hope :)

Beth said...

The clown costume sounds so cute.
You will figure it out.
Thanks for the link to the hop.

seventhsister26 said...

I love making halloween costumes even though I don't make "regular" clothes. There is alot of freedom in costume design;)
Happy Quilting!!

a good yarn said...

Persevere! I made a Thunderbirds costume, Indiana Jones and a Power Rangers costume and we don't have Hallowe'en! I must admit that I always enjoyed making fairy costumes. Cheers, Ann :-)

Barb said...

Good luck with the clown costume, can't wait to see it finished.