Monday, September 06, 2010

a dose of positive prospective

I am feeling a little sorry for myself today. Nothings wrong, I am just tired. I have a huge list of things I want to get done before Friday. And a male customer pointed out to me that my pants had one of "THOSE" stains on them so I had to run home and change my pants. And the fridge is still broken and the waters still leaking..

So I am not going to post a whine-y post even though I WANT to...I will think about other things.

1) R is like 75% potty trained. She's still better for me, but that's just stubborn. She is scared of poop so that's what we are wearing our diapers for still. She is predictable about the time and knows its going to happen so she changes out of her undies. Also night time is not ready yet. I know she's not going to have this problem forever so I am not too concerned.

2) H is almost completely away from bottles now. R bought her a sippy cup two weeks ago at Target (Christine, (and anyone who needs baby gift ideas) TARGET is my favorite baby stuff place, great quality, great prices, and they have clearance constantly being updated) and H took right to it. So I went and bought two more with plans to get one or two more so we can wash them but she LOVES her sippy cup! And I am so proud of R for thinking of her sister.

3) I have started sewing again. Not on the machine, that will have to wait until R goes to preschool starting Weds, but I had to perform surgery on three stuffed animals and that was all I needed to get past my quilters block and start hand sewing some hexagons. I have been trying to do that instead of snacking at night watching TV and movies.

4) I am going away for the weekend without the kids or A! I am meeting up with my dad in Salt Lake for a car race and we will be staying at a 5-STAR hotel!! We will share a room and he IS a snorer so I am getting earplugs but at least no little one will wake me up and I will go almost three days without changing a single diaper. Fortunately one of my regulars who has children 5 and 3 years old lives across the street and over one house from us, so I asked her if she'd be available if he had an emergency and she said yes and even offered if he had to run out quickly to drop the kids off with her. How kind!

5) My family will be coming out for H's baptism (FINALLY) in NOV and A and I have been gutting out the crevices of the house in anticipation of our mad cleaning, and before its too cold to go outside and put stuff in the garage. Hopefully by the end of the month we will call the local charity store and have them pick up all our extra stuff.

I think that's a good enough positive perspective dose for today! Check back tomorrow in case I need another!


Barb said...

Hope things get better for you...and trying to stay positive is good but sometimes you just need a good whine..

Katie said...

We all have those days where we feel sorry for ourselves. Don't worry, but don't wallow either! (And it sounds like you're aren't.) Funny that R is afraid of poop...does she knows that I'm the "Poop Queen" where I work and that I have people sending me cow poop from all over the country? I'm glad to hear you're sewing again, even if it's of the veterinary type. Enjoy your time with your dad; I'm sure A will be just fine without you (boys can act so helpless when someone else is there to do it for them) and the girls will enjoy the time with their daddy, too.

Marsha said...

You should be very happy with yourself! You have really been busy and accomplished a lot. It's great that R is potty training so quickly. The overnight stuff takes a while, but it will come. She will be a great help when it's time for H to learn. R will be a great little teacher. Your trip away sounds like fun, it will be a nice little break from work, kids, hubby and all. Enjoy!

a good yarn said...

Hugs for you Lisa. Some days just don't go to plan - that's why chocolate was invented. Enjoy you trip away with your Dad. A and the girls will manage just fine. If you ever need to have a big whingey then just send me an email. Ann :-)

Beth said...

So cute that R got H a sippy cup. She is a great big sister.
Your time away sounds like fun, and I am sure A can manage fine. (Course if he is like mine the house will look like a natural disaster ocurred while you were out) LOL. Worth it to do something fun and "recharge the batteries".

Christine said...

LOVE target!! We bought a pack-n-play there for 50% off!

I'm sorry about your tough day. I hate days like that. A patient was asking me about my pregnancy the other day(a male patient). He told me that because I wasn't that sick when I was in my first trimester that my baby will not be as healthy. Its amazing what some people will say! Keep focusing on the positive and good luck with the rest of potty training and your animal surgeries :)