Friday, September 03, 2010

back online

my computer caught a nasty bug. or several as the case was. I had a friend who knows oodles more than I do about computers fix it and the virus corrupted so many files he just whipped it clean. I need to go get a new Office program and better antivirus, he had one more trial offer one that he installed but said I should go get something a little more aggressive, especially with some of the stuff A does on the computer (music/video downloads, video games, etc.)

I have been computer less for over a week now and I KNOW I am missing some good reads but I am not going to sit here and read...I guess it's close to 2 weeks worth of blogs now. I have children to care for, a house to clean (Oi Vey! I decided it was time to declutter the whole house, starting with the closets...the living room and hall way are a mess, the fridge is broken and apparently that means no dishes can be washes? Ask A about that one!) and well...other things to do to be honest.

please let me know if you posted something phenomenal or if there's an awesome give-away I need to check out but unless I hear otherwise I'll just start reading again today! Fair?

Anyhoo, I need to go figure out what we are doing for dinner. I think A said he brought home something I can microwave (oh yeah, the freezer's working fine, bazaar!)



Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Computers down is such a pain! I'm glad you got it fixed. Since we were traveling the last 2 weeks (and still are), I haven't had time to read many blogs either. Maybe I can catch up a little this weekend while I'm at my sister's.

Katie said...

Welcome back! I know what you mean about the hubby doing all sorts of stuff with the computer and wondering where he's been...facebook seems to be the latest plague around here! Check your mail in a few days...I'm sending a few selvages I've been saving up for you..that was you right? :)

Marsha said...

Glad you have your computer back in working order. We really do depend on them more than we know. You have it right, your family should come first. Hope you get caught up soon so you can have some fun, too.

a good yarn said...

By all means deal with the family's needs first. Everything else can wait. Having been there recently, I am sSorry to read about your computer woes. Take care, Ann :-)

Beth said...

OH, been there recently too! Glad you are all fixed up and back online.