Sunday, April 11, 2010

tottaly random night time stories for you

hey, thanks for all the comments...I have 6 months of secrets but I promise I will post more pictures and tell you EVERYTHING as soon as I get the green light!

I've had a few interesting nights, and I thought you might get a kick out of them! I am laughing about it all now. You might not really care, you don't have to read on, but I am cracking up over here just thinking about them. Here you go:

First up, two nights ago (so Friday night!) R must have taken a nap before I got home. I could not get that girl to bed. Mind you she's sleeping in my bed again but usually falls asleep before I go to bed and we've been fighting a lot less. She's in my room for right now because H has been falling asleep between 8 and 8:30 every night and R has been climbing into her crib to play with her. Sweet, something I love, but at the same time H needs her sleep!! And mommy doesn't want to put H down multiple times a night. So H down in crib, R plays in my room with her Lego's, or dolls, or something until she's tired enough for sleep and falls asleep. Usually about 9:30-10ish.

Anyhoo, R wasn't going down. Finally about 11pm I give in. I have to be at work at 8, I was up at 4am already so this is me up for 19 hours and just pooped! I put in Shrek and we are cuddling in bed and I fall asleep. 3AM I hear a SCREAM from H. I feel something next to me in my bed think "oh good R is asleep too, I will get out smoothly so she doesn't wake up." I go get H, make her bottle, come sit in my chair here, check Facebook, and doze a little but not much. I put H down and get myself a really cold glass of water from the kitchen. So there I am, in my Superman Jamie bottoms (that I shrunk by accident and are mine now but were A's), just finished my glass of water, put it in the sink, about to turn and go to bed (the light above the stove is the only thing on) and my kitchen/laundry room door opens (silently) and R says "Hi Mommy!" like its nothing and I SCREAM "BAHHHHHHHH!!!"

R ran into my room and buried herself under the pillows on my bed. We talked about it, she wanted to build the shelf I bought myself, she shouldn't have done that at night night time, and not without mommy or daddy, but mommy is sorry for screaming, mommy was scared!"

Then Last night I had a wild dream I just can't get over!!!

There I was at work (in what turned out to be my dream but I thought I was really working) normal day and someone comes up to me and says "do you realise a truck ran over someone in your parking lot?", so I go to the side door, phone in hand and call 9-1-1, an older model grey/red truck ran over a 20 something male in jeans and a red t-shirt...or it looks red! "Sir, help is on it's way, please stay with us here! I said thinking of the Incident Report Form I would have to fill out and how to get all the witnesses statements too. Ughhh!

Then the young man gets up and starts RUNNING! "I'm sorry I got your daughter pregnant!" she shouts over his shoulder. The driver gets out and grabs a shot gun from his truck and goes running after him....I dial 9-1-1 again "um, there is a man with a shotgun chasing after the guy who was under the truck...we need help downtown NOW!"

la-tee-dah about 5 minutes latter a bunch of 20-30 something guys comes along and reach into the now abandoned truck. Put they pull these huge gun things that you load a tennis ball into the shooting part and light this torch thing on top and when you shoot the tennis ball releases and catches fire and then you have a burning really fast moving tennis ball. So I call 9-1-1 AGAIN "I need you here NOW! here's what's happening...." so I lock the door and tell everyone to stay inside. I stand by the door waiting for officers to arrive trying to notice everything so I can ID people. I look out and see one of my co-workers look around, grab a gun, light his torch thingie and join in. Iwas thinking "DUDE!!! get inside!" but when I yell at him he accidentally pulls the trigger and a fiery tennis ball comes flying at me. It's moving FAST and lands in my neck, on my left side.

I have two choices here, I could leave the ball in and keep it where it is in case they can save me, or rip it out so I don't burn to death. mind you I am terrified of you can see what I chose to do. I tried to take my apron off and put it in my neck with pressure but everything was like moving in molasses. I thought of the Incident Report, then I thought, "my girls. I wish I could touch them one more time" I let myself imagine stroking their faces, playing with their hair...

...and that's where I woke up!

In order to fall back asleep I had to problem solve what I would do instead of stand by the door. I'd move everyone into the back room, barricade the swinging door, and keep us all together until help arrived.

But I really want to know where that dream came from, surely not Shrek! and I only watched The Nanny before that.

lets see what tonight brings!


a good yarn said...

With dreams like that you must wake up exhausted! I don't mind dreaming - I just don't want to be awake for them. Never a dul moment with the little ones. One day, eventually, you will look back on these days with a smile as you count the grey hairs! Big deep breath - calm blue ocean, calm-blue-ocean. Cheers, Ann :-)

Katie said...

Wow! I thought I had wild dreams! But I'm glad it wasn't real and you're okay and get to see your girls again. How long till you can spill the beans on these secrets?

Marsha said...

I hope you sleep better tonight! Good dreams are fun but the strange ones don't let you relax and get a good nights rest. Have a cup of tea before bed and relax a bit.