Monday, April 12, 2010

a few give aways

I want to make sure you are all up to date on give aways. You may notice I have been entering and talking about a lot lately. Well, A made me promise to cut WAY WAY back on the quiting spending. At least until I finish his quilt. Well, since his is a little ways down the line here (and he wants a rather large one) I am getting my fabric fix via give aways! I have only bought the Village Green BOTM and one kit that I got at 50% off + free shipping....seriously can't argue with that! Especially when it's been something I have been drooling over for about a year now. As soon as it comes in I will take a picture!

I realise it'll be a while before I get to it, but I'm so excited anyways.

In the meantime, I Have A Notion (IHAN) is having their 30 day birthday celebration. I know I mentioned it before but we are close to the end here! you can still enter ALL the give aways. I decided to pick and choose which ones I'd actually get some use out of instead of entering everything and then not knowing what to do with something. there are some I REALLY want to win!

The blog is here
and in case you don't win what you can't now live without, here's IHAN's shop

Secondly, you may not know this, but ever since I spent ages hunting down L'Amour by Sandy Gervais (and ended up getting it for my BIRTHDAY!) I have become a fan of her work. I keep looking at lines of Moda and saying "oh, I have to have that, who is it by?" and about 85% of the time it's Sandy Gervais! her latest line, Frolic is on my list, if I ever get the green light to buy again (yeah I am holding my breath too!) I stumbled upon this post though! a cute little kit featuring her line, and an ADORABLE pattern if I do say so myself! I entered and wanted to pass on the info to you. While I considered not telling anyone, word will get out anyways!

in the next day or two I have more funny girl stories for you!


Marsha said...

Those are a couple of great giveaways, thanks for the info! Good luck, too!

canuckquilter said...

Good luck with the giveaways. -Joanne

Christine said...

Great links Lisa! Good luck! :) Christine

a good yarn said...

You can't beat a giveaway. I saw the most wonderful quilt made from Frolic last week. Sandy designs terrific fabrics. Thanks for the links! Cheers, Ann :-)