Monday, April 26, 2010

little traitor!

I am so glad you all are as excited as I am about these big ticket items! I can't wait to buy a new house...and maybe a new car, but at least this way we won't go broke furnishing a new we don't want to settle down here. I want to be closer to my family.
Also quickly, thanks for all the get well thoughts. I might try and call a dr tomorrow, I feel like this might be sinus infection instead of was pointed out to my by Judy, a wonderful quilting co-worker of mine that I sound like an 80 year old man blowing my nose and my eyes seem puffy and watery.

Eh well, Saturday I Was tired of feeling sorry for myself, tired of my clothes not fitting right, tired of being 50 pounds heavier than I was four and a half years ago (pre R) and had realised I am tired of giving myself excuses as to why I am not going out for a walk, or thinking "gee I wish I could go for a hike, but I've never gone before" so what did I do?

Went home from work
Grabbed the girls
and went for a hike!!
Helena has this great mountain in it, it's on the south west side and is considered in town, and is 100% city owned and is a huge hiking place.
This is where we had to turn around and go home. We were out for an hour and a half total, so I think that was probably 50 minutes up, 40 down? I was so proud of R, she only started whine-ing the last few minutes when we were almost to the car and she tripped on every third rock I swear!

sorry I couldn't turn the picture, I loaded it a new way (onto my computer) and didn't have the editor, but this is here where we turned around. my silly girl who says "take a picture of me" whenever I look at the camera was "too scawed" to let me take her picture, so what you don't see is her crying in it...yes, mommy took a picture and made her cry so that I could capture our first hike. Mean mommy; I know!!!

So where does this little traitor thing come into play with my hike story here? on the way up, we saw three dogs (and their owners) the second one was so nice and R got to pet it! she turnes to H (who I am wearing in my wrap facing out) and says "H, this is a doggie, say Dog-gie, hi doggie, I love you, H see the doggie?" then we walk away and what happens? H says "Do-G-EEEEEE!!!" Yes, she did! I swear! And for about a month now she's been saying "dada" and "Dad-EEEE" but no "Mama"or "mom-EEE" nope, nothing! TRAITOR! =)


Beth said...

Oh no, isn't it painful when mama doesn't come first? According to child development books the d
"d"sound is easier to say so dada and doggie ...... Don't worry mama is still the best, just hard to say! :)
Your hike sounds wonderful. I should get out and walk. ugh I enjoy it when I do it. Hope you and the girls have many more hikes as the weather warms.

Katie said...

Good for you! Sounds like the girls enjoyed the hike too, even if the photograph did cause some tears. You'll be able to tease her for years about that, so hang onto it! And your little one will be saying mama and everything else before you know it, so hang in there!

Marsha said...

They always say da-da first! But the d sound is easier to say and ma-ma will come soon enough, followed by a never ending conversation! Enjoy them now, they do grow up so fast. The hike sounds like fun and it is great to be outside and get some exercise.

Stash Heaven said...

What a great day for you and the girls! And I'll bet all three of you slept well with all the fresh air and exercise.

I've been the nagging Mom telling my son he has to go to the doctor too. Same thing, I think. He's 38 and no wife, so somebody has to bug him. Ha!

Loved the photos too. I've only flown to 2 really western states, so always enjoy seeing pics west of the Mississippi.

Bet you're waiting for the phone call for furniture delivery! Mary

canuckquilter said...

Yay for you! I know all about the dragging feet, thinking I should get me and the kids out hiking, but not getting around to it. Once we do get out, I always enjoy myself and wonder what took us so long.

Like Beth and Marsha said, the D sound is easier. Once that m sound is mastered, then all the rest, you'll probably wish for a few moments of silence or calls to Daddeeee instead of mummeeee once in a while!

It's awfully sweet that R takes the time to try to teach her little sister. Enjoy your girls :)


a good yarn said...

That dadd-ee thing bites! Looks like the hike was lots of fun and it's always good to get out into the fresh air. Cheers, Ann :-)

---"Love" said...

Trust me! There will be days you'll be glad those sweet girls don't holler "Mom---meee! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. ---"Love"

seventhsister26 said...

It's great that you got out;) I too am dealing with more weight than I really want, and the feet issues are keeping me pretty docile. I've been out 4 times this past week, and my feet are screaming at me.
As for the mommy're always's hard to ask for what you already have;) My son didn't say a word until he was 2 1/2 years old.
Happy Hiking!!

ladybug said...

Good for you for going for hike! I'm so inspired by that! I do so much the same things..."I wish I could..." and then no action...I will keep your success in mind next time I catch myself deep in my bad habit!

And don't worry about the 'mommy' too much...just saving the best for later!