Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Easter was fun this year. R had a blast with it, and H was too young to care either way. I have gobs of pictures of the day but I will just share the best one.
I know it looks like a lot of candy, but really the girls got a lot of clothes in their baskets. H even got two pairs of shoes! most the eggs had $0.30 in them for savings! when we were all done and sitting down watching Monsters vs. Aliens I asked R "How cool was that?" "cool, but next time, more eggs!" well alrighty then! note to self, see if stores have eggs on sale right now!

I got something really exciting in the mail yesterday!
unfortunately I can't tell you a thing about it, but you can see the letter is on "Quiltmaker" letterhead!! (no I don't design...I am not that good....yet!)

Lastly, here's an early birthday present from my aunt:

OK,so I already had the pattern, I love crazy old ladies! and she bought the 1/3 yards at one store and we went to two others, plus the three in my town and couldn't find more so she bought the jelly rolls online. the two mugs are from work and are super close to matching the fabrics so I couldn't resist!!

Too bad she said I had to finish and mail back her quilt before I could start this one. I just have to quilt the border, trim and put the binding on now.


Beth said...

The girls look adorable as always. Glad they had a good Easter.
Your fabric is very pretty, the set from Quiltmaker and the group from your Aunt.
You are going to be busy stitching.
Have fun.

Katie said...

The girls look like they're enjoying themselves. I'm very curious about the Quiltmaker fabrics - when can you tell us what that's all about? And the Crazy Old Ladies fabric is fantastic. You'll have tons of fun making that quilt - and drinking from the matching mugs!

Marsha said...

The girls look like they enjoyed the goodies! Your goodies look great, too. Enjoy them!

canuckquilter said...

I'm glad you had a nice Easter. More eggs, huh? We've always hidden the tiny foil wrapped chocolate kind. There are 52 to a bag, and we hide two, so it keeps the kids hunting a while! We count so we know if they all got found because with 104, the Bunny forgets some of the hidy spots...

Your fabrics are beautiful, when do we find out what the Quiltmaker connection is? And how generous of your aunt to gist you with the other goodies! Enjoy!

---"Love" said...

Well, aren't you special??? I thought so! Can't wait to see what you do with both sets of fabrics.
Glad you and the girls had a great Easter! ---"Love"

Christine said...

What a cute easter scene!! The girls look so cute dressed up. Your aunt is awesome! I love Crazy Old Lady patterns. I'm very intrigued to see what your Quiltmaker stuff is all about :) Christine

a good yarn said...

The girls are gorgeous! They seem to have enjoyed their Easter gifts. I agree with R - more chocolate! You can never have enough. Your jelly rolls and pattern are fabulous - what a hail! I like the mugs too. So, I wonder what you are doing for Quiltmaker? Stunt quilting perhaps? Darn it, I'll just have to wait and see. Cheers, Ann :-)