Saturday, March 27, 2010

more phd's crossed off the list!

I have crossed off a few more projects from my Projects Half Done list. You might have noticed I wrote "DONE" by a couple of them a bit ago, I just wanted to wait to have a big post about them. All I had to do was bindings on all of these.

First up is the wall hanging I made for Pat Sloan/Moda Bake Shops challenge "Gobble Gobble" All you had to do was make the top, somehow use those hourglass shapes and that top center pumpkin in any size. I made my hourglasses with various backgrounds and every one has a pumpkin print in it, then I found a few pumpkin patterns, made a few up, and came up with this:
I am planning on giving it to my brother's girlfriend (and him but in the horrible event that they break up, for the record, it's hers! Can you tell I like her?) I plan to make a few wall hangings and send them to her and eventually get her a curtain rod and clips to hang and rotate them about.

This is a small cuddle/car seat quilt I made from the ABC panel (it's a little dated but was given to me from someones stash). I was going to give it to a friend of mine but experimented with quilting...I used black thread and traced around the letters, not so easy on my basic pfaff. I am instead going to donate it to Katie's Comforters with a note saying it's use would be either for a child to cuddle with or perhaps for a younger sibling who is a little jealous. I think it's too small for an infant but they can decide that or not. If you want to join the guild, that blog has some information about it. My mom helped the lady get it going and come up with some of the basics of how to get a guild for Children's' Hospital going (if you don't remember my connection and passion for it, read here).

This is also for K (B's girlfriend). It's tree #3. Can you tell how easy and much I love this pattern? It's quilt as you go and if you want it you can find it here. It's easy, quilt as you go, and so easy to embellish. I might make K give it back to me for a little bit if I find buttons of presents like I saw once and said "oh I should get those" but didn't want to spend more than I brought in cash so passed up.

This last one is for my friend K (hmm...good peoples names start with K...among other letters). She and I had children within weeks of each other...her oldest was born after my R, she had a stillborn around the same time my angel who I miscarried in 07 would have been born, her youngest was born just before my H, and she's now pregnant...don't worry I am not joining her on this one....I am thinking one more in like 3-5 years if we are more stable then we are at the moment, or I am happy with these two beauties. Anywho, I made quilts for her two boys (have not finished one but the other is in a box ready to go) so I wanted to make HER one too.

That's a total of 7 down, 3 to go! I am almost done with the quilting on Aunt J's quilt, but ran out of thread (notice a trend here? I think I need to start buying more than I think I will need) and my local stores don't carry the brand she bought for me to use, so she and my Aunt MA had to go out to MA's stores and mailed it to me....more on what ELSE they sent me next time!!


---"Love" said...

Cute projects --- all of them! I especially like the Christmas tree with the red inner border; I may have to try that one! ---"Love"

seventhsister26 said...

Love that little pumpkin themed quilt;) Halloween is our favorite fun holiday here...the only time of the year we get to act like kids and not have to apologize for it;)
Happy Quilting!!

Beth said...

Great quilts. I especially like your pumpkins. I have to check out those trees, they would make great gifts.
You are really finishing up your projects. Everytime make progress I seem to start more than I finish so I never get ahead. sigh....
Keep stitching

a good yarn said...

It's such a good feeling to finish outstanding projects. Those Christmas trees turned out so well. Great work! Ann :-)