Wednesday, March 17, 2010

no news

nothing to report here, just wanted to say hi.

We bought a kitchen table last weekend. It will be about 5-7 more weeks until we have it, enough time to get the house ready and everything. I am so glad we made the purchase even though my heart was beating out of my chest writing the check. we actually got a really good deal on it, 25% off and we got the table (butterfly pub height) and four chairs, and will get 2 more latter. We also found a bedroom set that we LOVE (OK I LOVE LOVE LOVE! and A likes a lot) that we are saving up tip money for. We are going to wait for another sale once we get the money saved up and hopefully get the most bang for our buck. I need to go back to the store and write down what all we want and how much it is, and then hopefully save that much up and use whats left for some new sheets and maybe fabric for a quilt?

Friday is the Friday Night Sew In! I wasn't able to find a sitter so hopefully I can send R to daycare during the day for a little bit and clean and clean and clean (or maybe just one of those) and she can get worn out so she goes down early, maybe H will go down nicely too! I know I am dreaming here but hey, what else can I do? I am still looking for a sitter for Sat so I can go to Mass without the kid and out to dinner with a friend after, but that's not looking promising either. I like sharing my faith and traditions with the girls, but man is it challenging by myself there. It's also been a long time since I've been to a meal without the kids! I could use some girlfriend time!!

That's about all she wrote for the day, check back this weekend for my Friday and Saturday adventures. Nothing cute to even show you! How Sad!! Eh next time!


Katie said...

New furniture - what fun! I love shopping for it, but cringe too when it comes time to pay for it. Show us pictures of whatever you manage to get done at your sew-in!

Marsha said...

New furniture is always fun! I keep thinking when I start drawing social security I might splurge a little and get something new. We'll see, that is a few years off yet.

Some personal time will be great, you need it occasionally so don't feel guilty. Hope you can find the sitters!

Christine said...

Oh can't wait to see your table! You'll have to post a pic.

We all have exciting dreams- my big excitement for the week is ordering Neptune pizza on Friday (crab, shrimp etc). The exciting lives we lead ;) Enjoy your free time! :) Christine

Beth said...

New furniture is fun. I would have a really hard time waiting for it to come.
Enjoy your sew in!

---"Love" said...

Your new furniture sounds very nice! I'd suggest you not wait too long to get the other chairs; sometimes they discontinue pieces after a time.

Hope your sew-in gets worked out.

To Marsha, I'd say, get your furniture (or any expensive thing), BEFORE you retire! *wink* ---"Love"

Stash Heaven said...

Isn't waiting for new furniture hard? And yes, signing for those big budget items is difficult, but you will be so proud when it arrives! Hope you have good luck w/Friday and Saturday. Time for yourself is really hard to come by when the kids are little. You should have lots of packages arriving soon for your sewing night! Mary