Tuesday, March 09, 2010

lots and lots of pictures

Any guesses who's feeling better? Hint, it's not the under four foot club in my house. Thank you Zicam. We have "Boogie Wipes" for the girls, if you have a chance go look them up, they are available in the baby aisle at Walgreen's for sure. they are like damp saline infused tissues so that lovely coat of crusties you (and more applicably kids) get is so easy to clean off and helps it last longer between wipes/blows AND they are moist so no tears/dry noses. Both girls mind them about as much if not a touch less than regular tissues! SWEET!!!

Here's some fabric I won from Amy/Park City Girl's weekly give away a few weeks ago. I know it'll be a children's quilt, but what it will look like, that has yet to be determined. These are all FQ's!

Here's Feb's Calender Quilt block. Pinks and reds, surprise surprise!
The start of March, I have been using this as a leaders/enders and sewing the strips together every few days. Not bad!
I am a part of the APQ block swap that Ann and others started for all of us who were devoted AllPeopleQuilt.com bloggers and readers but when they made some changes, we no longer had out home base for blogs. We are all trying to stay connected (and I realise like 85% of you are those friends I am talking about) but the place that was just a fountain of ideas, inspiration, assistance, and friendship is gone! Anyways we are (mostly) all doing a block swap, and this months recipients are myself, and Katie. Here are the first two blocks, we each are getting one. Here are the other two, we each again will get one of these. I am half tempted to keep the "twins" every time to myself and make a big quilt with them, but we will see what transpires next month. we are to send two blocks to each recipient each month.
I am involved in another swap too, this months theme is "Home" my persons color preference was green, and I struggled to come up with a block idea that would fit the color, the theme, and the size requirements without too much math (10 " unfinished!) so I made a log cabin (home). Some of my fondest memories from childhood were at a family friends' cabin on Lake Cushman on the Olympic Peninsula/in the Washington State Rain Forest (not to be confused with the TROPICAL RAIN FORESTS like A thought I meant!) I don't know if was a log cabin, but I remember the warmth, the lack of worries and distractions. I had things to explore, adventures to have, books to read, those loop pot holders to make. I remember the cabin was always warm even when it was cool, never chilly even if it was outside but never overwhelmingly stuffy even if it was humid as a hat outside. I hope she likes the block. I hope it's "home" enough.
This is the block I received! This block is called "hearth and home" and I was very very VERY tempted to steal the idea and send it on in different colors.
This is what I have been working on when I can't sew for one reason or another, maybe one of the girls is asleep in the living room (exhausted from all that playing I make them do both together and separately) or R is not quite down and if I were to make any noise she'd come investigate. I once chose one hobby because I was into everything! Quilting is what my heart said I would love the most, but counted cross stitch keeps popping up, even though I am working on hand bindings and hand applique. Oh Well! While I was putting the binding on one of my quilts, R decided she needed to do some sewing. She got to pick a scrap from my scrap bag, and some thread, of course she chose orange and orange so you can't see what her "sewing" looks like but it's a good attempt for three. I want to somehow keep this, its too sweet to toss. I am thinking of somehow mounting and framing, but you really can't SEE what she did. Any ideas?
And lastly, look what H has been working on even though she doesn't feel too good!

Take care everyone, and I will try to share some girl stories and more pics of them with you soon!


Katie said...

We are so lucky to get our blocks first! Those blocks look great - the APQ swap blocks and the others. R's sewing is precious and you should be proud that she knows already to match the thread. Do we have a budding quilter?

Christine said...

Look at all those great blocks and fabrics! And of course that cute little girl of yours! Your APQ blocks are looking beautiful and I think the home block is perfect. Nothing says home like the log cabin block. R's headed on the right path towards quiltoholic! :) Christine

Beth said...

R can sew and match colors. Amazing for 3! And H is so cute standing up. By the twinkle in H's eye I think she might give R a run for her money. Maybe you better nap whenever you can. LOL
I really enjoy all your stories about what the girls are up to.

joanne lendaro said...

the picture of the baby made me laugh out loud!!! LOVE IT! congrats on the win, and the rest of the pictures look fantastic!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Congrats on the FQ win from Amy! I so wanted to win those. They would make such a sweet kid's quilt. Love the pic of H! She's adorable and getting so big. Your blocks are looking good too. Take care! Jenn

canuckquilter said...

Ah, another budding quilter :) And H is too cute, and looks like she'll keep you on your toes. I like the start of your cross stitch. Nice blocks too. I love the texture in your fabrics. -Joanne

Stash Heaven said...

Your FQ's from Amy are wonderful--lucky you to win! Look at all you have accomplished and feeling under the weather too. The girls are really growing; enjoy your time, it goes too quickly! Mary

seventhsister26 said...

Love all the pictures;) Your daughter's attempt at sewing it great;) From the looks of it, she may take up "modern" type quilts;)
Happy Quilting!!

Michelle said...

Congrats on your win! H is too cute, reminds me of when my teenies were that age. Enjoy every moment!

Katie said...

I'm glad to know you got the blocks and goodies and I'm glad you liked them. No worries that your package didn't contain any extras - when I did that, I didn't expect anything in return. I understand that not everyone has as much time or extra cash, I'm just happy that I do and can share.

a good yarn said...

Love those fabric from the giveaway! What a fantastic win. Your calendar blocks are looking good too. Nice work on the swap blocks - I hope you were happy with all the blocks you received. Cheers, Ann :-)