Tuesday, July 15, 2008

unrun erands

A and I have a date on Thursday. One of my co-workers will watch R, and I think the two of them will have a good time together. I was hoping to go out and get a nice dress or something sexy and cute and fun for the date. I don’t have a lot of nice things in my closet and I really want to treat this as a real date, make myself feel special and dressed up and, well you know, girly. I was going to do it today, but…well I think this needs it’s own paragraph.

A and I have been talking about getting a dishwasher. He won’t do the dishes, and I will do them to a point, once he uses five or six dishes in one night and leave them around the house is where I stop doing the dishes and ask him to do them…it never happens. I was told to check out a local big box like store for counter top ones, which will have to go each night but use the kitchen sink and since we are renting it’s a nice option, and we might even be able to use it wherever we go. I also want to see what the home stores have to offer, but we need something that’s portable. We might even be willing to leave one here if it’s a rather large one, like what my parents used to have, on wheels with a counter-like top. Ahh a dishwasher.

We were going to go out after he got up, and when I let him sleep in, I was in the wrong (although I’d rather be in this wrong than think he really wanted me to get him up when he doesn’t want to but knows he has to.) We never went to the store, we never got to run errands, and so I didn’t want to go out and try to find a nice outfit with the princess, who has been challenging to take to stores by myself. She’s just too interested in exploring and creating her own adventures she is hard to keep track of! I can’t wait until she’s three and we can sign her up for dance, and little kids sports, and gymnastics (one at a time!!) so she can have an outlet for her energy and curiosity.

I guess she and I can go tomorrow, if I have the right mind set I can keep tabs on her, I just don’t know what I want to wear on the date. I was looking forward to doing something special.

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