Tuesday, August 14, 2012

testing testing....yup still here!

ahh summer, how I love you. We've been rather cool for the most part here in the Pacific Northwest. Only a few 2-3 day long tastes of summer. Just when I put the sweaters back in the closet, pull out the shorts (or skirts since I don’t like my legs in shorts) I have to pull them back out.... one...at. a...time, hopeful that I will put them right back. The good thing is R is now 6, and we have a neighbor girl who is 8, and HER brother is like 11. The two girls play together a lot, and the boy keeps a good eye on them without playing with them much. I let her ride her bike to that neighbor’s driveway and to the other neighbor’s driveway too. BIG privilege, which also means she sometimes, looses privileges for a day, or an afternoon.

School starts in about 2 weeks for r and 3 or 4 for H. WAHOOO. I mean, so sad, I lose time with my girls.... yeah, that's what I mean.

I had a practice interview for Assistant Store Manager (ASM) and she gave me some great feedback, some encouragement, some tools to use to learn more, and wants to work with me on refining my presentation. I have the passion and the knowledge, but if I can incorporate more "starbuckese" into my conversations I'll stick out in a crowd better. All for that!

Monday I saw a new dentist (new since move.... I loved my old one, but I think I like this one so far. I didn't cry, and that's HUGE for me. I had a VERY bad experience when I was younger and dread and hate the dentist like none other.) Tomorrow I am having a root canal done. The tooth that my last dentist said 40% chance it would be fine, and 60% we'd have to go back in and do the root canal...well, 60% here I am. That's tomorrow at a specialist, then Thurs I am going into my guy again and we are going to go over my x-rays, figure out which teeth to take care of first (what’s bothering me, what's bad, and then the rest), how to get me to my $2000 insurance limit before my insurance year runs out, etc. and then get to work!! I am in pain on three teeth; one is the one getting the root canal. I am glad to get this worked on, but I am anxious.

I ran head first into a quilting wall. I told Katie (HI KATIE!) about it on her last post, I ran out of bobbin thread and just have not been able to get motivated. I was 1/2 way though a seam too.... odd.

anyways, that’s all for now!


---"Love" said...

Trust me; it won't take long to hit your dental insurance maximum! I speak from recent experience! Hope you do get to sew some real soon. ---"Love"

Ruth said...

Good luck with the teeth. Years ago, I had all my teeth fixed at Baylor Dental School. It was tedious, but cheap and they did a great job. After that, I vowed I would get my 6 month check-ups faithfully and floss faithfully - I did that and haven't had too much other work done. The key is catching things before they deteriorate more.

seventhsister26 said...

I know the dentist thing...had a bad experience several years ago. Get them taken care of as soon as you can;) Happy Summer;)

Beth said...

I do not care for that dentist thing either. I have had several root canals done now too. I thought it would be bad, but it really wasn't. Braces were way worse. LOL
Good luck.
Will send you some quilting mojo.