Sunday, June 03, 2012

blah blah blah....

I wish I had pictures, but in the meantime:

My aunt has a long arm machine (that does it all!) so when I was visiting, I got 3 quilts quilted, and backing for two tops.

The three quilts done are now bound too. Two are for Seattle Childrens' Hospital, one is for a co-worker having a baby.  I don't think she'll appreciate it as much as others I know would.  You know the type.  Oh well!  I couldn't NOT make her one especially since I already HAD the fabric.

I learned my "slightly over sized queens" are really "jumbo kings"  ooops =) I love my aunt.

I made a CUTE quilt with leftovers from the co-workers baby fabric (and will donate it) and STILL have more!! I want to track down just one fat quarter of Hungry Caterpillar fabric with numbers on it, NOT blue or yellow. Willing to bribe it or trade it out of some one's stash!

I took a class with my mom on making a tree skirt with the 9 degree wedge ruler.  The math for my strata and the wedge ruler cutting were the hard parts, the skirt (and strata) came together easy peasy!  I am donating it to the girls' school auction along with a bottle of wine (to guarantee it goes) and some place mats, maybe make some of those tree folded napkins.

a "new" car is taking precedence over a new home.  We are still looking in case there's something WONDERFUL but not being aggressive about it at the moment.  My car needs: a new catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, driver side mirror, mechanism to roll the windows up and down, trunk release thingie, somethings wrong with the ABS system (according to the light) as well as an airbag (again a light).  By the time I fix all that plus little things like cup holders with cracks, fabric wear and tear etc I am paying more than the value of the car, so my brother is helping me research more family friendly cars than a 2001 VW Bug.  I will be so sad to see that car go.

That's it for me! I have been reading along, I just feel posts with pics are better, but oh well!


Katie said...

An oversized queen, eh? I've never overshot a measurement like that before...ahem...but it's nice you were able to quilt them. I hope the school auction goes well and I like the idea of throwing in a bottle of wine. And it does sound like it's time for a new car. I can't believe you fit two kids in the backseat of a Bug! I looked at one when I was replacing my Neon and it was so tiny. For just me it would have been fine, but kids in the backseat? I don't think so! (And we couldn't even get the seat back far enough to fit the hubby under the steering wheel...he's only about 6'1"!) Good luck on the hunt. I LOVE my Vibe if you're looking for a good recommendation for a not-so-big car! And I thought I'd hate four doors, but I love that too!

Joanne Lendaro said...

Funny about your monster quilts...all of the quilts will be loved, the appreciation of work..well, maybe not so much. Happy to see that you are really depending upon your family to help you in/during this time of your life. Enjoy the time you get to spend with them, they are and will be a great source of strenght for you.

---"Love" said...

At least you are making progress, which is more than I seem to be doing! Hope you find your camera soon; would love to see some pictures! ---"Love"

seventhsister26 said...

Good luck on the car hunt. I know about the repair vs. value issues...dumped my car a couple of months because of that (tranny and head gasket issues). Glad you got some finishes in, and don't worry about her not appreciating it.
Happy Quilting!!

a good yarn said...

You've been sewing and quilting up a storm! I bought my first ever new car a couple of years ago. The previous one had sreved me faithfully for 21 years. Good lukc with your searching - I'm sure you'll find something. ann :-)