Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm not lost!

I am sorry for not visiting.  I have been reading.  With no camera (well, camera, no charger-lost in the move somehow! and this computer doesn't have the little drive I used to use on mine, and mine isn't connected to the Internet) it's no fun to blog.  I can tease you all I want trying to describe what I've been working on, but I just want to SHOW you!

The girls are doing well.  R's teacher told me she's really noticed R's maturing a lot since the year started.  We are starting to work on eye contact and consequences for her actions more than punishment.  Time outs weren't working, losing privileges weren't working well but consequences seems to be working, maybe it's just the novelty of it.  Consequences can be good or bad.  you do your chose, you get desert, you don't do it, you don't get desert.  You clean your toys up, H doesn't play with them and lose something, you don't clean them up, mommy might take them away for the day (or at night for the next day)  We talk about it A LOT!

H is growing.  She looks so much like me it's scary sometimes.  R taught her how to write the letter H, and how to sit "criss cross applesauce" so that's what we do =) Mom and I were talking about her a few days ago.  She was talking about how happy she is that we can go visit her dad (more on that in a moment) and how much H reminds her of Pop-Pop. I said "really? I see ALL Nana" Mom sees the engineer, logical, thinker and planner; Nana had this gift where she could meet you and you'd be drawn to her.  She had so many life long friends she made by chance encounters.  She loved with all her heart and genuinely cared about those who came into her life.  She could make a friend anywhere.  H has that gift too.  Mom was pleased and surprised that I knew that about Nana and that I can see it in H.

So we are going on a trip soon!  My aunt who lives in Vegas has a long arm machine, and mom has gone down a few times to help her learn about it. (that what she says she's doing) and I have sent two donation quilts and one for a co-worker who is having a baby soon,  Then we discovered that I am about to stop accumulating vacation (120 hours, I am at like 109 right now!) so I need to take some...why loose out on "free" money?  we talked to my aunt, then Pop-Pop, who lives in Vegas too, and they both are free on the same weekend, so we are going down! I have an uncle who lives there too (and is with LVPD so I can't get into mischief, not that I would!) And then mom asked her other sister if she was free that weekend, and she is, so the girls and I fly down early Friday (12 days from now), and get in 10 minutes before my aunt, she will meet us in baggage claim, hopefully my uncles girlfriend can meet us at the gate, since she works for LVPD-Airport and can help me.  Mom will come down later that day.      Dad will hopefully get some work down on the remodel without his two "assistants."

No luck on the move yet, a second place mom and I liked was snatched up fast.  We are looking at one tomorrow that from the pics I am REALLY excited about so pray, cross fingers, wish luck....whatever you do that might work.  Mom and I will see it, then if we DO like it, mom and dad will go back.  That's the part we keep getting beat out of places with. 


Beth said...

It sounds like the girls are doing well. I suspectthat you will always be negotiating with R. She is smart and curious so she will always be into something. LOL
Have a great trip. Hope you find a great place soon.

Katie said...

I thought you must be out there since you've been posting on Pinterest! I'm so glad to hear the girls are doing so well and your trip to Vegas sounds like it's going to be a great mini family reunion! Keep looking for that charger and good luck getting the place you'll look at today!