Monday, October 13, 2008


We got our dishwasher a few days ago…I love it! But the real reason for sharing this information is that R has found a new toy. I cut a little “door” on the box and put it in her room to play with and for the past few days it has sat there, ignored. Today with her watching I put a few of her favorite things in there and called it a house and instantly she is inside it playing, sorting and storing all her special treasures. She is quiet and happy in there. Finally I have a moments peace (she’s been in my business all day!)

During this pause of attention seeking I am pinning J’s quilt. Yes pinning…not sewing because I still have not finished the last project (I need to go buy two more colors for the quilt that will go with the tree skirt/aprons/pillows) I also need to get some purple thread for aunt J’s quilt before I can sew any of it no matter how many pieces I pin together right now.

It’s trying to snow outside. Thus far it hasn’t been successful but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t tried. I would love to try and get this apartment winterized before it really hits with the extreme negative temps but since we are renting it’s kind of hard. I also need to try and figure out some other ways to try to insulate and protect the home. Have I mentioned I hate snow? Ok I don’t hate it, I just don’t like seeing it for seven months. I also HATE the cold. I am one of those people who are still wearing a sweater in the 70’s! I hate having the chills and I love warmth, but I don’t mind bundling up (to a point) to stay warm. My limit is if I am wearing a cardigan and a sweater or a sweatshirt, two pairs of sock s(maybe tights too) and a blanket and am still cold. I don’t do much housework when I am cold because all I want to do is cuddle.

R has been getting out of her crib in the mornings and after nap time if I am not quick enough but last night she got out of it on her own and wouldn’t go to sleep. After two hours of Cailou and then an hour of (not age appropriate but at 3 am you don’t care) Family Guy A tried to put her down (I was half asleep and he had just come home from work) and we herd her crying in her room and it got closer and closer. We decided not to get her and put her back because it would have dragged out the process so she slept on the floor of her room by the door last night. A has this week off so he will be converting her crib to a toddler bed and then I guess we need to start to think about a twin bed for her. Her crib will convert to a full size bed but if we are thinking of more kids I’d rather have her in a toddler then a twin and save the crib for the next one. If we don’t have any more, or if she needs a bigger bed then we can change plans later.

I have been trying to think of what I want for Christmas. I know it’s a few months away but I don’t NEED anything. I’d like some fabric, or gift cards to get fabric, I could use some new towels and a tune up on my sewing machine. I don’t know though. I’d like so much but need so little.

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