Thursday, October 02, 2008


My new dishwasher should be here any day now. It can’t get here soon enough. When we ordered it from Home Depot last Wednesday the kind gentleman said it would be in the store ready for pick up in seven to ten days. Yesterday was day seven. Not that I am counting! I think if I get the call today we might be able to go there tomorrow but most likely it will be Sat or Sunday! I am thrilled.

I know a simple machine like a dishwasher won’t solve all my housecleaning problems (and boy am I frustrated and overwhelmed by the housework that needs to be done and how I can never get ahead) but it definitely is going to take some of the weight off my shoulders and let me focus my energies in other areas. Dishes have been a battle for A and I since we moved in here. The first few months were alright, I was able to stay on top of them and if I wasn’t it only took one day off of work to catch up. Since then I have given up in the kitchen.

I have been trying to hard to keep on top of the messes that “Hurricane R” leaves behind her that I gave up several battles in the house cleaning world. I let the laundry pile up until I have two days off in a row (and by pile up, I mean I wash but don’t fold or put away) I don’t deep clean anything anymore but want to and have the urge to until I see what mess is left in the last room and have to go take care of that before it spreads. I have given up on the kitchen as much as I hate to admit it and I let A and my bedroom get out of hand…just junk that about two hours of hard work it would be SPARKLING with windows washed, curtains cleaned and walls scrubbed but I just don’t put forth the effort anymore. I hate that I let it all go but am overwhelmed by it all!

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to re-inspire me, get me back on track and give me my clean house that I was once so proud of!?
The dishwashers a start!

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