Friday, October 24, 2008

I have had the urges to sew, but I can’t set myself down. Not with such a messy house. I went out today and bought some storage tubs for the fabric. I know you are supposed to let the fabric breath, and I do with fabric that has no immediate plan on a shelf sorted by color but for projects that I am collecting for I have been using shoe boxes and it just felt so chaotic with different shapes and colors. More importantly I wasn’t able to see the beautiful fabrics and remember the projects I wanted to work on. I bough five….I need several more =) I love organizing and reorganizing my fabric. The fabric/laundry room is MINE, no one else goes in there, everything has it’s own place. Ahh the one place in the house that always has order to it.

I bought a little bit of fabric today. Nothing much, but I bought two panels of the Hungry Caterpillar collection from Ben Franklin (I should go back tomorrow for one more) and a few charm packs (Moda’s Isn’t Christmas Jolly) and some jungle animal flannel for either a baby quilt for my co-worker or maybe for the front. I don’t know yet but I saw it and had to pick it up. She told me today the baby’s theme will be jungle! I don’t know what I will make for the quilt but I saw the fabric, and you know how it goes. I just couldn’t walk away from it.

Right now I want to fold laundry…I NEED to fold laundry. I need to put some sense of order in the living room and the kitchen…probably my bed room too before I pull the sewing machine out again. I can’t though. I can never do anything when R is crying and fighting night nigh time. I want to scream too but it won’t do any good. I thought by two and a half (almost) we’d be past this night nigh trouble but no. It’s still going strong. Actually, what’s interesting is it’s only bad on the nights that A isn’t home. He has been home the last week and a half (using up vacation time before he lost it) which has been nice and bad at the same time. He didn’t do any house work and for some reason I can’t do any when he’s home but I want him to help me. Odd isn’t it?
I had to date this entry because I never finished it! I could have posted that one and then written another entry but I would have published them both today and you all would have been confused. A went back to work today and worked an 8-5 shift. I did two more loads of laundry. Folded everything except those last two loads…which one is in the dryer and one is in the washer so I am not behind yet…my goal is to fold them tonight, maybe tomorrow depending on how late it is when they are done. I did one load of dishes and just put the second in and going. (I am waiting on the dryer so the washer is done using hot water.) I (GASP!) cooked dinner! I also wrapped several Christmas presents that I had bought in the past few weeks for Santa but didn’t have any Santa paper.

I have started another blog (I know I am up to three!!) on You can find it on the homepage when I write something new and exciting about my quilting. I am hoping by having one over there too, mostly just for quilting, I will stop boring all of you with it and get some ideas and feedback. Those ladies have so much knowledge, practice, skill…oh I can’t wait to pick their brains and share with them. I am not abandoning you all here, but just expanding my horizons.

Speaking of quilting, I haven’t’ started anything new yet. I haven’t even moved my machine in the past two or three weeks. I just haven’t been able to with time, energy, or guilt.
Maybe on my next day off!

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