Friday, August 25, 2006

dull update

One of my friends told me when I was still pregnant that she had a mantra for those nights her daughter wouldn’t sleep, and I have started to use it. It’s “I love being a mom, just not right now.” It’s true someday. Last night was one of those nights, R would not sleep for the life of her! She would doze in my arms, sometimes cat nap in her crib or the swing, but sleep…nahhh. Something is bothering her, and if it were a day or two ago I would think it was her shots, but she's over them now. Crazy! Hopefully she sleeps well tonight, if not…oh dear!

A broke his toe at one of his jobs, and has been only working at that one and not his other. UPS has set him up with some light tasks so he doesn't have to take time off and he can wait for the swelling in his foot to go down, and Pepsi would just be too much time walking around and lifting. We are hoping that the swelling goes down by Monday so he can get back to work but we will see.

We took R out and about today….nothing too strenuous, the most I let A carry was R or a bag of ice, whichever is heavier. We went out to the Fairgrounds in town and played with the geese and ducks. R was very curious and enjoyed looking around. We even got down to the ducks level and looked at them. I can’t wait to take her back and have her throw bread crumbs at them. We were going to go to the playground down there too, but it started to get windy and looked like a storm was going to roll in. We came home instead and A and R crashed and I have been doing laundry and making a candy crème tart for desert. I need to go fold laundry and start dinner but I wanted to take a moment to update my readers (if I have any now!)

There really hasn’t been much happening around here, I haven’t done much cleaning, I have started cooking more, I haven’t started any new projects, I haven’t even finished any lately. I still have to work on my friends daughters quilt, I got the backing fabric for it and have batting so I just need to tidy up the living room enough to lay it all down on the floor, pin it and sew, sew, sew! (I also need to get some more thread!)

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