Friday, January 25, 2008

moving forward

I had a great meeting with my new manager today. It was a spur of the moment touch base meeting, and I was glad I stayed to have it. While I was nervous about a new manager coming in, mostly because my boss has known me the whole time I have been with the company, and has seen me go through so much in the two years I have been there. The new manager said she thought I ran my shifts very well and that I am doing a good job. We talked about what I thought was good, and in need of improvements in the store, and for myself. I found out the store in the town I was hoping to move to is coming along well!

I sorted through R's clothes yesterday, my day off. I turned the living room into a disaster matching outfits so that they are together. A used to dress her in the most outrageous things, so I decided to hang outfits up on a hanger, the pants on with a clothespin and the shirts over top. Now we just have to grab a hanger and she's good to go. She doesn't have a dresser still, but this way we don't need one for now. I love how her new room is set up. Her crib is not up against a wall, and it's such an open room. I want to save up some money and decorate it all out for her. She's only had hodge podge since we never planned on staying at our first place for long, and our second...I had plans for it, but I was worried about damaging the walls and the windows. This place is so old and past tenants have added their personal touches, I am not too worried about it. Plus we have storage space for the things that were here when we moved in like the curtains and blinds so when we move out, we can put the old ones back if they want.

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