Tuesday, November 14, 2006

giggling girl

My dad was really upset when he learned that I would not be home for Christmas. What does he do? He talks to mom and they decided to fly the three of us out the S-Town for “Christmas” sometime in Jan. I need to talk to my boss and see when I can get off.

R’s getting such a personality! I love and yet hate it. I love it because I get to see the type of girl she’s becoming, but I also hate it because a) she’s stubborn and b) she’s not going to be my baby girl for too much longer. I think I should pause from my life for a moment and reflect on her and what I think she may become. In latter years I will look back and either laugh or see how intuitive I am:

R is STUBORN and independent. She can’t be independent yet and that frustrates her. For the longest time she wanted to hold her own bottle and just couldn’t master how to keep it upright or in the mouth area to eat from.

I am thinking she can become either a nurse (she loves booboos and cuddles) a lawyer, or something that’s along those lines. We will have to see what she likes in school and what not. I do believe she’s smart, but what parent doesn’t think that of their own child? I love how she holds her cup, she’s figured out a cry that sounds like “hubababbububah” when she is having a bottle and it runs out but she wants more. She also looks at the spot on the couch that A tends to sit on when I say something about “daddy” and she knows how to give and get hugs and cuddles.

The other day she was standing on my chest and though it was the funniest thing ever that she was “bigger” than me. She laughed for 15 minutes! Each time she looked down at my face started a whole new wave of giggles. Silly silly girl, already knowing what’s funny in this world.

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