Friday, November 24, 2006

exciting news!

We are moving soon. I am so thrilled! As much as I love the place we are in for all the storage and the lay out, I am pumped beyond belief to be moving. I’m excited to have a working dishwasher, washer/dryer hook ups, and a nicer looking place. It’s a small 4-plex with 6 inch walls. We are in the top left unit. It’s almost brand new (only one person has lived in it before us, and only for a few months.) The living room is open to the kitchen, so hopefully the kitchen will stay cleaner. Although I am sure having a working dishwasher will help with that too! The bedrooms are smaller, but I love the dimensions and angles.

My parents gave us a loan/Christmas money to buy a washer and dryer. Dad has been doing research online for efficiency, cost, volume, ratings etc. Mom is taking his lists and going to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Costco and Sears to see what all they have, price check and ask people. She will then send me a list of what ones they recommend for us to get and I will take the money and get them! They haven’t decided how much they are paying for (one machine, two, or none) but depending on what machines they choose, and I get, I will pay them back. I am so fortunate to have parents that are willing to help us out like this. I know my mom’s parents helped out more than once with my parents, and my moms’ siblings. I hope we can pass that onto our children.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I wanted to give R a traditional Thanksgiving meal that I put love and care into. I imagined having A’s friends come over, watch the game while I was at work and stay for dinner. I know several of his c-workers don’t have family in town and couldn’t go home because while they have Weds night off they have to work Thurs night (so the UPS men can drive on Friday!) I don’t think he ever asked anyone. I might make “Dressing” and some turkey breast and call it good. Maybe a baked potato too.

Today R and I went to Wal-mart (man I hate that store…yet where else can you get keys, ornaments, groceries, clothes, soap, paint, and light bulbs in one stop?) We picked out some awesome red ornaments and sparkly gold paint and she put her handprint on the ornaments. We got 10 done and have 10 more to try. Some she smeared and others look pretty good. I hope to make this a tradition for a few years, until she makes me stop. I think it’s such a special thing and will be giving them to family and friends. Even the smudgy ones. I’m waiting until they dry to write on them “R, 2006” or something like that. Maybe write who they are to on there. I got the idea from a co-workers friend who has a 1 year old. I want to get those picture frame ornaments too for my parents, my brother, us and maybe A’s mom.
I need to pack but don’t have the energy. Deja Vu? A was supposed to have today off to pack with me, but he got called in. I have to work tomorrow and he probably will take the day off, so maybe he can pack. The living room and bathroom are almost done (1/2 with the bathroom but we are still using things and I might just throw everything in a box!) the stuff floating in the living room either belongs in other rooms or is toss able/donate. I am proud of myself for packing in an organized fashion and actually I put all the boxes where they “belong.” I mean to say, the movies and DVD’s are packed in boxes housed in the entertainment center, the books are in boxes on the bookshelf, the bathroom stuff is in a box under the bathroom sink. When we are actually moving I will put them in one spot, but we still have to live here, I can’t stand piles of boxes everywhere.

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