Monday, February 02, 2009

long time since hearing from me....

I haven’t posted anything here in a while, please don’t feel ignored, nothing is going on. I am 14 weeks pregnant now (and 2 days?) I can’t believe how fast its going by! The first trimester, which I am finally out of wasn’t as bad as I know it can be for other people but I was exhausted! I am now just tired. I felt so bad for A’s friend L comes over and the house is a mess because it’s hard enough for me to keep my head up and watch R from the couch forget about cleaning! Well, past that but not back to myself yet.

Some of that might be because I am getting hit over and over with things. We got back from vacation visiting my parents (R and I) last Sunday, Monday -Wednesday I had a migraine (I think from the pressure change) then Weds night R got sick and was up all night with her, Thursday was fine and dandy just tired, Friday I had the day off and recovered. Sat I woke up puking my guts up and shaking with a bad bad pain in my tummy….caught what Regi had, fortunately it was a 6 hour vomit session followed by pain for another 12-18 hours and feeling like I would puke (then a migraine because I let myself get dehydrated) and yesterday I was just weak weak weak! I could barely walk, and spent most the day lying down because I got winded just trying to talk and sit upright. Thank goodness my co-workers were able to cover my shifts for me. This was the first time I have called in sick and am so glad it worked out alright! Today…a cold has shown up in my nose and throat (but I can live through it!). What’s next?

A’s friend came over to watch the Super Bowl last night (I watched it and tried to cheer but ended up dozing between shouts from the boys and piped in when I could) and L (the friend) was able to untangle the jam in my sewing machine’s bobbin so I can sew again! I started working on R’s Dora quilt this morning and it’s looking good! I just don’t have the oomph to stand up and iron! I still want to take my machine in to get it tuned up since it is about 14 years old, but in the meantime I can sew on it.

Something I am going to need to remember when R is ready to go into school that I have only learned about her this winter…she gets up in the morning, but is not really ready to face the day. She will sometimes cuddle with A or I, but she really isn’t herself until she’s had some time to start her day off with something to eat, drink, and some quiet alone time with cartoons. I hate putting her in front of the TV for half an hour or so in the morning but she really is a crab case if we try to interact with her first thing. We will have to plan our morning routine around this when the time comes to get out the door by a certain time. Especially for school!

Nothing else really happening around here, I will try to post more often, I am sure things will start to get more interesting in my house, but in the mean time I am going to go nap!

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