Friday, June 02, 2006

poem from a friend

a dear friend of ours wrote A this poem:

Matt Hoffman

Parent are special
and parents are kind
good ones are sometimes
a little hard to find

the start may be rough
and scary for a bit
but soon you'll be ok
you'll get the hang of it

This creation of yours
will be the absolute best
you'd baby will be beautiful
and more perfect than the rest

Stay strong in your love
and support each other right
hold each other close
when you retire for the night

I know for a fact
that you'll do just fine
you're both beautiful angels
in this heart of mine

And now your adding
a third life to your name
I already love her
she's my family just the same

I send you a hug
and a heart felt prayer
to show you my love
and tell you I care

May God bless your house
and new born life
the next step you have
is to be husband and wife.

*note not edited! this is as he wrote it to A

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