Friday, February 17, 2012


I participated in FNSI tonight.

in addition to cleaning up after H from 4-9 when she was tossing her cookies every 45 minutes or so (and R making the choice not to have root beer floats tonight because H wouldn't be able to have one too) I cleaned the kitchen for mom (she's out of town this weekend but her sister is due in on monday!)

I DID do some sewing. I made 6 "granny square blocks" I found a tutorial on pinterest (you can find me on there, lisapotpie) They are done with some Hungry Caterpillar fabrics, so fun! That will go to Seattle Children's but I don't know how big I want to make it...more than 6 blocks for sure!

I also worked on my hexagons. I have 39 hexies all basted, and three flowers done now. I have more in storage that I can't get to right now, I think I have 32 basted in storage too, but I am so happy to be working ahead on these that I do have. I had 20 done at the start of the day! And I am tired enough to not care that this paragraph is poorly written and my lit teachers are cringing reading it =)

I REALLY need to get my camera working. I thought I had it for a bit today but then nope. Dad is out of town with mom too....he's a tech master!

Sunday, February 05, 2012


we will NOT be watching the game

We WILL be eating the snacks

After helping Mom get the house ready for her sisters visit in a week and a half (or at least getting a head start because with two girls and a construction project it will be an unending project)

I will be working on Hexagones!

I finished my first flower last week!

I bought two more colors to make more with

I can't WAIT to show you! (darn camera/computer/self!)