Wednesday, July 27, 2011

no news

hi guys!

Still no sewing

Still living with Mom and Dad

Still adjusting.

LOTS of READING! I LOVE the library system here. I can pick out titles online, reserve them or be put on a list if others want to read it, pick which library I want to pick them books up from, and we have been going AT LEAST once a week. I set a limit of two books each (except me, I pick up my holds but SHHH don't tell the girls I sometimes get more than the allotted two!) But I like to read series where you really get to know the characters and the writing style and I can get them in order...and all of them which I couldn't do back in Montana. So happy! My co-workers laugh because about every other day I am back with a new book. Between the unexpected length of my commute (construction) and my lunch breaks I have time to read at work.

An interesting development here, the girls don't ask about A. Don't miss him. Don't want to talk to him. Unless R's mad at me about punishing her or holding her responsible for her choices, then she wants to "go to my daddy's house and be with him I don't love you any more." and I just say "I know honey. I know it's frustrating and living with Daddy would be easier, but this is better for you in the long run." I know she doesn't get it yet, but one day she will. I don't try to discount her feelings, but she only has them when she's upset at me, so it's easy not to take it personally.

I have two apartments I am considering right now. I am on a waiting list for one of them, the 11th is the last day people can give notice of moving out for me to be in by Sept, but there are 4 people in line ahead of me. The manager said that sometimes people have already found a place but she is still required to offer it to them in the order inquired (this is the place I REALLY want, townhouse for less than many 2 bedroom apartments) and the other place I have left two messages and am thinking if I don't hear from them by next week I will stop by.

My brothers girlfriend is going to go dish and towel shopping with me in about two weeks, we have a BIG hydroplane event next weekend and lots between then and now, so postponing it for now. And once I get my place (or know I will be getting) a BIG IKEA run will be in order, again with K, because shes young, hip, artsy, but understands my need to not go over the top artsy, I want classic items that I can enhance and add to as I go.

other than that nothing going on here. I wish I had more time so sew, but playing with the kiddos, working, and reading are plenty for now.