Tuesday, June 21, 2011


hi guys! Remember me? Shesh it's been ages!

The girls and I have moved. We are still working out all the legal stuff. I qualified for free legal aid but things have to be settled within 6 months of my move date so hopefully A won't contest anything. I am being reasonable, but that is my opinion. We are getting settled into a nice routeen, at least in the evening and first thing in the morning. R is sleeping in her own bed, five nights now! That's out of the seven we've been here for. If she gets to seven in a row she and I will go get ice cream together, then it will be 14 in a row, and hopefully by then she'll be doing it consistantly!

I was able to transfer to another store here. I picked a store in the district I will be in once I get settled out on my own again. It's the town that R will be going to school and I really like it. There are several things that I will have to re-learn how this store likes them done, or how this district likes thigns done, but overall it is the same. A few people in the store like me, a few are unsure of me, and I've only met about 7 people. I don't like my 45 min commute when I have to be there at 4:45am but it won't be that way forever.

I have not done any sewing for AGES! I packed fabric first, then used my "sewing corner" to store all my boxes as I was packing. The girls and I were living out of suitcases the last two weeks we lived in our old place, and thankfully I have a few good friends who transported stuff for me so I didn't have to rent a u-haul! A came out with us, then a gal friend of mine, her mom was moving her (friends) brother back from here to MT so she had an empty car for me to load up, and another girlfriend is comign out to visit sometime next month or the month after because she thinks she wants to move out here so she got the rest of my stufff.....but I was talking about sewing...quilting....yes, it's been a long time!

I finished the first quilt top for myself, Valentines day quilt, a while ago and need to find some backing for it that I like. A's quilt needs to be bound, but I am putting that off for a while. I had a former co-worker who just bought a long arm quilt it for me, so I should just get it done with but I am still not ready to do it for him (one of these days I will tell you what all happened but not yet) And I was workign on a Halloween quilt for myself but had to pack it up to move. It's going to be another queen size one....so fun! Both girls have their beloved Dora quilts on their beds now (I finished those in time for this past Christmas) and I think that's been helping them transition, it might be a new space but your quilts will comfort you and some thigns are the same.

I need to go head out for work, but I wanted to say hi.