Thursday, April 07, 2011

missing all of you!

I just wanted to say hi! I have been thinking of all of you. Adam doesnt want to pay for the internet anymore, so I am out of luck online! I have to do everything on my i-touch which is REALLY hard to type. I have not been following you guys either. I can do e-mail a lot better, so if you have news to share, please reach me (I think my e-mail is here if not I have to come back to the library next week to print some things) Things happening here: A and I are splitting up (post on that sometime eventually I promise) The girls and I are moving to the Seattle area in June I have a new store ready for me when I move I am at my original store trying to fix some problems (and people are NOT happy about that) R still loves school and is all registered for next year (5 day a week pre-K) H will be going to a toddler class next year too (one day a week) R turned 5 in June I turn 27 next Monday! I almost finished my first quilt for ME (one more border to put on) and am planning #2! oh and speaking of quilts, I received 12 blocks (mine included) for a kindness quilt, I thought I'd ask ONE more time and then figure out how to make it lap sized at least. I think if I alternate with vivid fun prints it would work. If you want to contribute anything though let me know! I need to go to work now! but I miss you all!!!