Friday, November 22, 2013



I forgot my password, and thing lead to another I locked myself out, then what a YEAR went by and I tried again.  I actually just reset it this time, it was much more helpful than last year!

How are you?  Ive been busy, but good.

Still work for Starbucks, still single, still sewing when I have time, still love my two girls to pieced.

I am quilting in spurts.  It's really odd. I will go a month or two with no desire to sew and then one week I will make 2 tops and dream about quilts.  Interestingly enough there is not a correlation between being tired and not sewing. I am sewing both when exhausted and when well rested, just in spurts.

R is a first grader now, loving school.  She's really good with math, reading she's a "level E" (she started K as an A ended as a D, slid back to C over the summer even with my best attempts to keep her engaged, and is now an E!) she did soccer and cross country this fall.  She is in Lego Club and Science Club right now and will do Ski Bus in January.  Busy busy little body.

H is in preschool 2.  I was hopeful that she'd be ready for K next fall, but it looks like in her best interest we will do PreK next year and do Kindergarden the following year.  I want it more for selfish reasons, she's be in school 8:15-12 then could be at Kids Club after school (the daycare there) until 6pm like her sister, but shes just not ready.  She makes the cut off for K by two weeks, but better to be older than younger sometimes.  She loves her cooking class at school on Weds and this week made french toast.

I went on one date so far.  It was with a friend and really more of two friends going to the movie together than a date, but it's my first one so far so we'll count it.

I'm planning some fun pinterst-y things for the girls for a "Christmas fun day with mommy" for the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Grinch Punch, Christmas Trees made from candy frosting, and ice cream cones (instead of a gingerbread house) Grinch cookies, I am trying to get the Grinch movie, the old one not the live action scary one! 

I will try to get pics posted soon!  Take care!

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